Koral, content collaboration for enterprises, demonstrated

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Ever have an Excel file that was emailed around only to have someone change a formula, which made everyone else out of sync? Well, Koral has found a unique way to make sure your employees collaborate with each other and stay in sync. Here co-founder Tim Barker gives us a quick tour around Koral, which they say does content collaboration right.

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  1. Koral would make Vista cool « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] Demo. Interview. […]

  2. Drew Says:

    There is a similar solution with focus on media assets in the enterprise at http://celumimagine.com

  3. Drew Says:

    There is a similar solution for media assets in the enterprise at http://celumimagine.com

  4. Web Strategy by Jeremiah » Dismantle Content Management Systems (CMS)! Rebuild them with Social Media Features Says:

    […] Interesting trend, many emerging software vendors are packaging up what works in today’s modern web, and is creating turn key suites for companies to deploy.  The term “White Label” is being thrown around lately, as these platforms are plain, and ready for your to customize and brand yourself. Video: Koral Content Management with Community Scoble video interviews Tim from Koral, which is much like an Office Document management tool that overlays community tools, tagging, rating, versions, comments, RSS, and other collaborative tools. This could replace your antiquated CMS system. Video: Blogtronix Social Software Suite Blogtronix is an out of the box community suite that offers blogs, wikis, tags, rss that you could brand. […]

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