Archive this, but do it right, Jeff Ubois warns

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This is a different kind of show for the ScobleShow, one where we talk about an issue that we should think about — in this case whether companies who are scanning books and other information from the world’s libraries and universities are doing us a favor. Jeff Ubois is a former co-chair of the Association of Moving Image Archivists’ Television Interest Group and is an expert about issues in digital file preservation and archiving.

Click here for transcript.

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  1. Scripting News for 12/1/2006 « Scripting News Annex Says:

    […] Berkeley friend Jeff Ubois appears on the Scoble Show.  […]

  2. Back from the Firefox party … Jeff Ubois on book scanning on Dave Winer’s RSS couch « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] But, check out the interesting conversation I had with Jeff Ubois over on ScobleShow — the chat took place on Dave Winer’s new “RSS couch.” This is a much different kind of interview than I’ve had before — Maryam was just listening in and said it was one of my best. All about the impact of tech companies on libraries and book scanning and archiving of the world’s information. […]

  3. John Dowdell Says:

    Is there a text transcript, as well as a functional summary?

    tx, jd

  4. jack Says:

    Is there an audio only version of this podcast? I wish that all video podcasts were also made available as audio only files. It would make consumption far more flexible. email me a link- :) Thanks!

  5. Robert Scoble Says:

    Jack: not yet, coming soon.

    John: I haven’t yet done transcripts for my shows, sorry.

  6. Christian Says:

    Hi Robert,

    I just have a general comment.
    You just put out too much content! :-) I’m constantly watch your feed with democracy but once I missed it one day and come back 4 or 5 days later there are “1000″ of new videos to download. Man, when should I watch all of these interesting videos!
    However - I’m from Germany and it is fantastic to get this special inside view so nicely - Thanx.

  7. The Technology Free Press » Blog Archive » Recommended: ‘Archive This, But Do It Right, Jeff Ubois Warns’ Says:

    […] If you are interested in where the archiving of information is going, I recommend Scobleizer proprietor and Podtech Vice-President of Media Development Robert Scobles’ video interview with archivist Jeff Ubois headlined  ”Archive this, but do it right, Jeff Ubois warns.” […]

  8. jack Says:

    Thanks for the reply, until then I ‘ll keep enjoying the vidcasts!

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