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Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at is a lot of fun. You can watch your friends surf the Web and they can watch you. Here Kimbal Musk, Me.dium’s CEO, gives us a good runthrough.

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  1. Susan Bratton Says:

    I will be interviewing Kimball on 1/11 at 2pm EST on my podcast and appreciate this great review of the product. I’ve been testing it.
    Thanks, Scoble!

  2. Mohit Gupta Says:

    I like the idea a lot, like this other day, my friend was buying a hard disk and I guided him via the phone. would have been perfect in this scenario.

  3. Josh Says:

    Argh! By invitation only? I wanted to try it out right away!

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Somewhat Frank Says:

    Me.dium For Real-time Attention-based Social Networking Interactivity…

    Me.dium offers a innovative and compelling application that blends real-time web attention-data with instant messenger social networking capabilities. Similar to MyBlogLog you can see when others are visiting a particular site you might be visiting, th…

  6. Hello world! « brackers Says:

    […] There’s some info about the latest beta release at Mashable. And there’s a demo on I havent seen the beta itself…but to me I think they should take the thing online and make a larger website out of the data that they trawl with the plugin. At the moment it looks like a chat application with a mini visualisation of the browsing community…it’s a really compelling idea but I’m just wondering if it couldn’t be expanded into an online community site where I can view my history and visualise it alongside that of other users, my friends in particular. Obviously though, the nature of browsing necessitates a plug-in style app that allows me to chat to users live on sites Im visiting and sites they’re visiting, but it would be great to take the visualisation to another level. Send me a beta login please Me.dium and I’ll judge first-hand! […]

  7. Anonymmous Says:

    Gee, nobody would ever think of using this to invade someone’s privacy, no, not at all…

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