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Ali Partovi, CEO of, shows me his new service, which helps you find new music (it’s really cool!)

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  1. » iLike it very much Says:

    […] iLike is a startup everyone should keep an eye on since the brothers Partovi are instrumental in bring to life LinkExhange (one of the first ad networks acquired by Microsoft), TellMe (Voice Recognition), and Microsoft Internet Explorer (Hadi led the way). Scoble Show on PodTech just released a great interview with Ali giving an interview about iLike.  Try it out! […]

  2. Elated Labs » iLike vid with scoble Says:

    […] Get better music with | ScobleShow: Videoblog about geeks, technology, and developers […]

  3. Dave Says:

    iLike gives really bad recommendation though!

    Today I was recommended ‘Yesterday’ By The Beatles!!

    What is up with that?

    You should try The Filter from

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  5. The accidental Facebook success story? « Scobleizer Says:

    […] In that first meeting, and a video interview with Ali since then I don’t remember them ever talking about Facebook. I don’t know if it wasn’t on their radar screen, or what, but I don’t think that a year ago they ever expected that Facebook would turn into the platform it has and that they would be the top player on top of that platform. I’d love to know the story of how they decided to change their business into a Facebook-focused one. […]

  6. Nigel Says:

    Got to agree with Dave above; I’ve been using ilike for a few months now, and just not impressed with their recommendations - their latest ‘instant playlist’ button in their sidebar just creates lazy playlists, only a few artists and lots of repetition.

    Discovered thefilter a couple of weeks back and it is already my favorite app; generates brilliant playlists - even picks stuff I forgot I had.

    iLike seems to be heading down the (facebook)social/dating route now, so they maybe dont care about their playlist builder anymore. I don’t - I uninstalled it.

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