From CES: Retrevo Gang, Day 3 - Gadgets galore

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Here, on the final day of the Retrevo Gang from the Seagate booth at the Consumer Electronics Show, Vipin Jain, Retrevo’s CEO, and Andrew Eisner, Retrevo’s biggest gadget freak get together to wrap up what they saw on the show floor with me.

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  1. StuFF mc Says:

    “There’s no video” ? Huh… Robert… The iPhone has a built in 2MPixel Camera :) And as for 3G, wait until it’s released in June… This is not knowing well Apple to think they showed us all 5 Months before :)

  2. Paul Houston Says:

    we were all @ CES and all everyone was talking about was the Iphone announcement @ MacWorld

    i saw CNN before i hit the floors Tuesday and the title was

    a total eclipse hits Las Vegas where venders from all over the world came to show there new products for 2007!!!!!!!!!!

    The spotlight switched to 1 company Apple @ MacWorld

    here’s the link to a video i shot

    @ The BlogHaus with
    Robert and the Nokia Guys

  3. Paul Houston Says:

    Robert GREAT roundup of CES…

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