Sun Microsystems CEO: “We almost died”

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Yesterday I sat down with Sun Microsystems‘ CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, and Tim Marsland, Sun’s CTO in charge of Solaris, and had a wide-ranging discussion from his pitch to Steve Jobs as to why Apple should include the Java runtimes on the new iPhone to Schwartz’ surviving a train wreck back in the 1980s and how that had a profound effect on his leadership skills.

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  1. Jonathan Bruce Says:

    Love the format for this. Am particularily interested in Schwartz opinions on the iPhone - I hope he is also wrong in terms of whether applications for the iPhone will be able to be built or not.

  2. Gary Russo Says:

    Much respect for Jonathan Schwartz.

    Now I see why McNealy made him Sun’s big cheese.

    Much thanks to Scobes, Jonathan and Tim Marsland. It was inspirational show.

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  6. Tony Bivona Says:

    Good Morning Jonathan,

    I would just like to say hats off to you my friend…That interview was awesome…I have been working for a company for the past 20 years and like you, almost saw it go down the tubes…When I came on board, the company was floundering…With the hiring of a friend of mine, and then myself, they started hiring people that actually cared about there customers, who got them to listen to a new message, and stuck by that message…The message was, I care and want to help…Tell me what it was that we did wrong, and let us fix it…And if we can’t fix the past, then let us make up for the sins that our company made…If you truly continue to listen to past customers as well as potential new ones and here there message loud and clear, and fix what has been wrong for so long (Which you are doing), I truly believe that you and Sun will hit major home runs…After reading some of the comments posted after this web interview, it still sounds like you have a bit of work to do…But you are winning them back one and 2 at a time…And that I am happy to see…I wish you lots of luck, and hope that things continue to go well for you…This comment is from a long term investor who has stuck with you guys for approximately 6-8 years…You know the old saying from the honeymooners…To the moon Alice…That will happen to Sun’s stock over the next 3 years…(I guess we should change that slogan to To Mars Alice…:):)

    Take Care!
    Tony Bivona

    P.S. Jonathan, I hope to hear back from you some time in the future, as I know you are one busy dude…

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  8. SunRox Says:


    things you need to improve upon

    1. dont interject when somebody is speaking. mike krazny on kqed does a good job, when he interjects it does it at the right time and it doesnt look like an interruption

  9. CaVagrant Says:

    Better lighting might help the visuals.

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  11. jimothy Says:

    Yeah, Johnathon. Apple doesn’t want NASCAR fans to buy their phones. It’s a conspiracy against NASCAR fans.

    Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

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  16. kum Says:

    Jonathan is really too smart……..

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  19. mere funde » Blog Archive » Corporate Blogging Says:

    […] He admits in this post how his admin screwed up and apologises to Matt Mullenweg (the brilliant guy who brings us Wordpress). Now I am sure that no PR department wrote or edited it but makes you feel that they listen. Meanwhile you can also watch his interesting interview with Scoble. […]

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