Product naming insights from the guy who named “WiFi”

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Edward Saenz, principal of Gravity Branding, has worked with tons of organizations and companies to come up with product names and marketing insights. He came up with the name “WiFi” and several of Nissan’s truck names, for instance. Here we visit him in his home office to get some insights into the rough and tumble world of product naming.

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  1. The WiFi guy… « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] The WiFi guy… Ed Saenz is the guy who named “WiFi.” Among other things (he does names for Nissan, too). We have an interesting chat about naming and some of the things marketers have to think about when they come up with names. […]

  2. Chris Saad Says:

    Robert says some guy from Australia could be watching this hah…

    I’m a guy from Australia - wuddya know!

  3. Andre Gurgel Says:

    Excelente interview. I just would like to ask Ed about brands that pretend to be ultramodern, but instead sound like hard medicine? Take a look at that: Accuris, Adamind, Aepona, Alvarion, Asurion, Axerra, Benica, Boboto, Ecrio, emoze, Evergy, Intrado, Kentrox, Ortiva, Plutolife, Sipera, Sungil, Tatara, Valista, Vecima, Xentris.

  4. Design Ninjas » Blog Archive » Product Naming Says:

    […] Robert Scoble interviews Edward Saenz, principal of Gravity Branding. Here’s my takeaway from it: Memorability is what makes a name great. Inspiration comes when you get unstuck from your desk and transport into a different world. Insurmountable Challenge is the only reason to change an established name. Consensus Building is a key issue with clients. Potential Conflict is managed by addressing it head on. Written by Bill Olen Share This […]

  5. Edward Saenz Says:

    In answer to Andre’s question, regarding brands trying to be ultramodern but coming off like hard medicine:

    Yikes, on first blush the names do seem a bit offputting.

    Certainly lined up next to each other they could easily be mistaken as name alternatives for the next aggressive metatstatic cancer med.

    After looking up the accompanying web sites of a few of the names, the hard, technical edge of each of the names seemed generally appropriate for each company. For example, Axerra, provides, “service emulation solutions over packet access networks.” The name seems in keeping with communications technology expert it targets.

    Consider a name like Effexor, a serotonine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor indicated for depression.

    The name clearly implies “efficacy” and its appearance and tough tone suggest that the drug means business.

    Not surprisingly, the audiences for Axessa and Effexor are both industry experts that understand the arcane details of their category. So the adoption of names that appeal to the “tech” mind set of the audience appears to be the right move.

    All in all, brand names should strive to communicate the value an offering provides in a linguistic form that is appealing and relevant to its audience.

    Having said that, creating a name that goes against the grain and in so doing redefines the category trumps being “me too” most days!


  6. Marketing and Tech « Dragon’s Wisdom Says:

    […] Marketing and Tech The other day I watched Robert Scoble’s interview with Edward Saenz.  I realized after watching the interview how my perception of Marketing has changed.  Marketing and Tech seem to have an oil and water relationship.  It is your typical left brain/right brain issue. […]

  7. phil Says:

    I’ve watched a couple of these videos. I’m falling asleep. Goodnight. Oh wait it’s the middle of the day. I guess it’s Goodbye then.

  8. What’s in a Name: Four Key Criteria « Dimano Marketing Says:

    […] Resources: Strategic Name Development Blog Branding Basics – Step Seven Product naming insights from the guy who named “WiFi” -podtech interview […]

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  18. Genf 2007 « Sebastian’s Blog Says:

    […] Namensfindung, und was dabei beachtet werden muss (wobei der Name des Restaurants, “La Broche”, auf portugisisch so viel wie Blowjob bedeutet, und das “Vista” im neuen Windows auf Litauisch “Hühnchen”) - die ScobleShow hat dazu ein Interview mit dem Mann, der WiFi seinen Namen gegeben hat. […]

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