Testing out Intel’s new 45 nanometer processors

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Kelin Kuhn is the 45 nanometer device group manager. She runs one of Intel’s most important test labs where Intel figures out what needs improvement. Intel’s profitability rests on her shoulders because if a fab isn’t yielding enough good chips per wafer, Intel will make a lot less money. Get a look inside the lab and how Intel tests out its 45 nanometer chips and understand why these new chips will use less power than older designs.

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  1. Evil Genius Chronicles » Scoble On the Rampage Says:

    […] There’s an interesting debate heating up over at the Scobleizer. Scoble took some people (Engadget specifically) to task for not linking to him on his scoop about the new Intel fab and technology, choosing instead to link to the New York Times story of the same. On the one hand, it’s hard to feel sorry for huge-name bloggers not getting linked to enough for their tastes. On the other, I think his basic point is valid. He does appear to have info directly from Intel in his video no one else does which ought to make him a primary source in this story. There is something a little odd about bloggers choosing not to support other bloggers and instead give all their link love to organizations that hate them and do nothing but deny the value of blogging as a pursuit. […]

  2. francine hardaway Says:

    I worked at Intel and Mark Bohr was there. This use of nanotechnology could potentially lead Intel into other new markets that could contribute to the company’s long term survival. I think people have not paid enough attention to the nanotech implications of this (or maybe they have and I haven’t read it)

  3. Simantic » Kodak Back on Consumer Track Says:

    […] While I’m at it I might as well just mention Intel’s new 45nm technology used to make the next generation of microprocessors. The info on the chips, which was announced the other week, can be viewed on the Intel site. Also, Robert Scoble has done some really interesting interviews with a couple of the Intel nerds here and here. It’s going to be a big year in geeksville. […]

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