The non-hostile Apple OSX vs. Windows Vista OS debate, Part II

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I invited four geeks, representing both sides of the OS aisle. First is Fred Davis, co-founder of Wired Magazine. Second is Harry McCracken, Editor in Chief of PC World. Third is Sam Levin, founder of Stanford Mac User Group, among other Mac things. Fourth is Jeremy Toeman who worked at Sling Media when I first met him.

Maryam (my wife) and I fed the group burritos and then kicked off the debate. We recorded two hours of this (you can find the first hour here), no demos, so you can run it in the background and listen to it. Special prize (our undying respect) goes to anyone who watches all two hours of this.

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  1. FredTime Stories » Blog Archive » The Never-Ending Story: Mac OSX vs. Windows Vista Webcast Says:

    […] Part 2 - Click here to watch the second hour on PodTech. […]

  2. Andrew Venegas Says:

    I loved the flying car talk… but I must say that I think you’re right about computers not being able to do big-time pattern recognition for at least 25 years. I’ve been reading a lot about what the military is doing with swarm technology, and I think that it’s heading in that direction faster than anyone right now generally realizes. GREAT SHOW THOUGH… and yes, you can tell Maryam that. HA!

  3. John Papola Says:

    What a dissappointment. Here, you have a group of clearly intelligent, tech savvy people and they so throughly missed the mark and the point. I want my two hours back. Seriously, did I really just watch this group debate the second mouse button?

    This was a tired re-hash with a ton of fluffy irrelevant banter about IPTV and the web 2.0 revolution.

    Robert, I offer myself as guest to really discuss Windows vs. Mac with you, since this group missed the boat.

  4. John Papola Says:

    Oh… and no offense to Sam, but if the best defense the mac-partisan in the group can give is “it’s like driving a BMW”, the guy really doesn’t belong in a debate.

    Here’s a tip for sam… the next time someone is raving about Vista’s adhoc networking you say the following:

    “I’ve had one-click adhoc networking for over 3 years. Just click on the airport menu item, select “create network” and… that’s it’s”.

    What makes Apple better than Microsoft is that they implement their features with superior fit and finish, faster and with fewer resources. Microsoft’s own internal emails marvelling at Tiger in 2004 show how much better Apple is at delivering software.

  5. Jeremy Toeman’s LIVEdigitally » Blog Archive » Scobleized whilst en Vacaciones Says:

    […] In a post just before my vacation, I mentioned a video Robert Scoble shot of a few of us chatting about the age-old Mac vs PC debate.  Well, it’s online in its entirety (hour 1 and hour 2) and I think the part I’ve enjoyed the most is reading the comments written across the blogs who covered it (Scobleizer, Harry McCracken, Fred Davis, and especially Josh Catone - Josh, I’d be happy to debate the IPTV/DVR/TV2.0 topic any time!).  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Thanks to Robert and the gang for the very interesting evening, and thanks to everyone who has taken the time to watch the action. […]

  6. GRiNSER Says:

    ever heard of one note? ideal sketch board from MS…

  7. Windows Vista vs Mac OS X Says:

    I’m installing Vista presently onto my P4 2.6GHz machine alongside XP. I can’t wait to see what Redmond has been up to, it sure had taken a while. In the meantime, it looks as if Apple will be poised to release 10.5 before this actually sees daylight (in any mass-adoption sense). The next iteration of OS X looks to have some amazing things built in. Microsoft just keeps trying to catch up, in my opinion.

  8. Van Prooyen Says:

  9. Jean Ghalo Blog » Blog Archive » The 50 Most Important People on the Web Says:

    […] You know a grassroots movement is a success when big business wants to join in. And for once, big business–namely Microsoft–did it right. This was largely due to Robert Scoble. At the time a Microsoft employee, he blogged about the company and revealed a human–and sometimes egg-covered–side of the Redmond empire. The glimpse into Microsoft’s inner workings, cool technologies, and smart people shattered (or at least dented) the Microsoft stereotype. Microsoft blogs have subsequently become an integral part of the company’s communication with users. In 2006 Scoble left Microsoft for, where his video podcast Scoble Show features interviews with geeks. Recent guests include PC World’s editor in chief Harry McCracken, who stopped in to debate the eternal question: Mac or PC? Scoble has also interviewed 2008 presidential candidate John Edwards, whose outspoken bloggers got him into hot water. […]

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  11. pedro Says:

    Don’t forget that alot of the stuff and ideas that come with the .NET Framework exist on the Mac for many years now… with Cocoa or Carbon. Even XAML, that comes with .net 3.0, is somewhat of a copy of Apple’s NIB files…

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