Get fit with Wellsphere

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Ron Gutman, CEO of Wellsphere, shows how his service can help you get off the couch and find an exercise group or facility that’ll help keep you motivated about living a healthier lifestyle.

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3 Responses to “Get fit with Wellsphere”

  1. Jonathan Sampson Says:

    Interesting video. A new gym opened up in my city, just a couple blocks from my house. They have what is called a “Cardio-cinema” inside. Essentially, it’s a movie-theater with cardio-equipment in there. And of course, outside of the cardio-cimena is a regular gym, for those people who don’t want to watch a movie.

    The cinema is excellent. Two days ago I ran 5.5 miles (unknowingly) while watching “Ricky Bobby” on the big screen. Yesterday, it was 3.5 miles while watching “The Transporter”.


  2. Jessica Says:

    Unfortunately being Aussie the “location” part is pretty irrelevent but looks like a great resource and I’d find very useful right now. I’ll give it a go and see if the info and support channels can be valuable on their own, though I suspect the real value is heavily related to location. I like the concept though. Or if anyone knows of an Aussie equivelent let me know.

  3. Brae private blog Says:


    New Trojans: give us $300, or the data gets it!…

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