Exclusive First Look: UrbanSeeder, new social network

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Here we get an exclusive first look, from the floor of the LIFT conference that happened last week in Geneva, Switzerland, to UrbanSeeder, which is a unique social networking application. Maya started it to meet people and to get out of the dating scene which she found totally unsatisfying.

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  1. EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: UrbanSeeder « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] This is the first time you’ll see UrbanSeeder, a new kind of social network that’s very cool. […]

  2. Edwin Khodabakchian Says:

    This is very clever!!! Great catch. -Edwin

  3. Gogelmogel Says:

    Urbanseeder video preview by Scoble…

    Just got back from 3gsm in Barcelona (more on that later), and saw that Podtech has released a great video preview about Urbanseeder, which includes an interview with the vivid founder Maya Lotan. Maya is a friend and we had…

  4. SHARKRIDE Says:

    […] I just watched Scoble’s video about Urban Seeder, a new website in beta that invents a new paradigm for technology to assist meeting people you see in the real world. Urban Seeder was born out of a year long thesis project by its founder, who researched how people flirt and find love.  It’s an interesting approach, since most consumer entrepreneurial ventures are born out of the instinct of its creators, and not a deep analysis of consumer behavior. (Large corporations, on the other hand, often have reams of market research and consumer insights data to support the viability and potential of a new product or service, as a way to mitigate risk.) […]

  5. guigui Says:

    what are those 2 guys doing next to her ?

  6. Robert Scoble Says:

    guigui: they were getting a demo. Or they were flirting with her. I never found out for sure. :-)

  7. Remo Uherek Says:

    And the guy that sneaks a peak in the background (yellow t-shirt) would be me :-).

    Great video, Robert! UrbanSeeder is going to be big!


  8. The next big thing: urbanseeder.com » Swiss Made Entrepreneurship Says:

    […] I’ve already mentioned it in the post scriptum of my LIFT07-report that urbanseeder a very cool thing, actually one of the coolest start-ups I’ve discovered so far this year. Actually I wanted to write about the service in more detail, but I promised Maya that I wouldn’t. But now Robert put up this video, so I guess I can talk again. And please notice to guy with the yellow t-shirt in the background sneaking a peak. That would be me :-) […]

  9. » Urbanseeder brings mischievous messaging to 2.0 - Phicons Says:

    […] Maya Lotan is preparing to launch a Beta version of her Interaction Ivrea (RIP) nurtured thesis that she describes as “2 shots of flirting, a shot of fashion, an ounce of technology and a twist of fate.” I had a chance to see the project in its early stages as a visiting professor at Ivrea along with Nick Durrant. Watch this video over on the Scoble show of Maya at the Lift conference giving some sneak previews of the interface. The idea has really taken off from its early beginnings and is *hot* in the current social networking climate. […]

  10. Web avant-garde » Blog Archive » love past 2.0 Says:

    […] Robert Scoble interviewed her for his Scobleshow on PodTech.net […]

  11. Konrads Blog » Blog Archive » Convergence + Flirting + Social Networking Says:

    […] Das Konzept dahinter gibts hier zum Nachlesen. Oder du lässt es dir in diesem Video von Maya selbst erklären. […]

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