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Nicole Simon is the German blogger we see most often at various conferences around the world. She’s a geek — and more — and here we get to know her a little bit better, and hear why she does so many podcasts of conference speakers at conferences like LIFT, which is where we caught up with her.

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  1. Robert Scoble Says:

    Nicole’s blog is here:

  2. The geeky “sister” behind Vatican’s Website « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] Oh, and if that’s not geeky enough, check out Maryam’s interview of Nicole Simon, one of Germany’s best-known tech bloggers. Both from the floor of the LIFT conference. You can read Nicole’s blog here, she shows up at many conferences around the world and does excellent podcast interviews of speakers who are coming to them too. […]

  3. Blog » Blog Archive » Nicole Simon, uber-blogger Says:

    […] I’ve known Nicole Simon for a couple years now and I still haven’t met her in person!  But if you want to learn more about her … Check out Maryam’s interview with her: […]

  4. Timo Heuer Says:

    Of course, she’s famous, but there are many bloggers who are more famous in Germany.

  5. Robert Scoble Says:

    Timo: really? Who? (And, note, that I’m talking about outside of Germany).

    Nicole is the only one that shows up at a variety of conferences from SXSW, to Mix, to BlogHer, to LIFT. At least she’s the only one I’ve met, and if there are others who do such a good job of getting around and interviewing interesting people, I’d love to meet them.

  6. Remo Uherek Says:

    Robert: I don’t want to be rude, but I actually have never heard of Nicole Simon before. Ok, I’m a Swiss guy, but Germany and Switzerland usually are pretty well connected. Her Blog & Podcast “only” ranks 18.924 & 59.519 in Technorati, compared to rank 323 of (Germany’s topblog according to the German blog top 100).

    But it’s still impressive how many conferences she visites and that this can help to become a “queen” :-).


  7. Juergen M. Says:

    Remo: I also haven´t heard of Nicole Simon before. But she obviously is doing a pretty nice job representing Europe, especially Germany out in the world. So why aren´t you just proud that Nicole gets her own episode on this fabulous video blog ;-). By the way.. (and other german A-blogger contents) are just boring for non-german tech-oriented people.

  8. Juergen. M. Says:

    Hm? What kind of stupid link got into that website form? Sorry for that. :) You may fix it if you like and delete this comment.

  9. Remo Uherek Says:

    Jürgen: Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for Nicole and at least I know now who she is. She’s doing a good job with her podcast and definitely deserves a better Technorati ranking.

    And you’re right that there aren’t much englishspeaking blogs from Germany that are well known abroad (or maybe I just don’t know them yet, either)


  10. Remo Uherek Says:

    Juergen: Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for Nicole and at least I know now who she is. She’s doing a good job with her Podcast and definitely deserves a better Technorati ranking.

    And you’re right that there aren’t much englishspeaking blogs from Germany that are well known abroad (or maybe I just don’t know them yet, either).


  11. Juergen M. Says:

    Okay, misunderstanding eliminated :-)

  12. Alex Bellinger Says:

    I’ve known Nicole for a couple of years online and in the flesh and I’m an English guy.

    She’s been really supportive and helpful in the European podcasting space. She deserves the recognition. Be happy German bloggers and podcasters :)

  13. Sab Says:

    This is kind of a silly argument, Remo, sorry. First, if you haven’t heard of Nicole you must have been living under a rock for quite some time. She has been blogging her ass off, organized conferences, been quoted in print and TV and, as Robert notes, been all over the world in conferences. Granted, there is more than one way to be well known (old media, web, in -person) but I have seen her touch all of these bases. Roberts question of course points that out, because everybody you ask will give you a different answer to the question who is one of the best known German bloggers. I don’t even know how I would answer that, Volker, Heiko, Johnny, Ix, Don. Nicole would have a different list than me and so would Remo. (So Robert, if you want the juice, send me an email… ;-))

  14. Nicole Simon Says:

    As I said in the beginning of this interview as well as I usually do when being introduced as such by especially american friends - I am the German blogger they know best about.

    Of course there are more German bloggers blogging in English, and a lot more in German. But to people we are talking here about most of them are simply unknow.

    And while Technorati ranking is a nice game, it is not everything. Personal contacts and conversations are much more important than local ‘fame’ when it comes to international recognition.

    Btw surely one of the reasons Remo has just switched his blog to english.

    (Sorry for not answering sooner, of course this had to be posted when I am kind of away of everything.)

  15. Interessanter Beitrag zu Blogs und Podcasts at Andreas Gerads Says:

    […] In der ScobleShow war Nicole Simon zu Gast, die einige interessante Tipps zu Blogs und Podcast auf Lager hat. Super angenehme Person finde ich! […]

  16. Nicole Simon Says:

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