Build your own social space with Ning, version 2

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Here Ning co-founder Gina Bianchini, shows off the new Ning social media creation platform. We get an in-depth demo of how Ning (version 2 just released today) enables you to build your own social network.

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  1. Marco Raaphorst Says:

    Wow, Ning gets getting better and better.

  2. Cameron Says:

    Gina is hot.

  3. Bruce Sterling Says:

    Kudos to the company and the interviewer. Fine work.

  4. Ning to blow your socks off at Everybody Go To | Taking The Web Out of The Box Says:

    […] For more see the official blog of ning, the video is around 12 mins long but worth it. For a more in depth video have a look at scoble he has the full scoop. Right now their technicians are fixing up the site for us to dive in. […]

  5. Crowd Factory Says:

    Interesting times - Cisco, Andreesen - this space is very interesting.

    For “serious” social networking applications, scalability, flexibility, and customization, give the Crowd Factory platform a look.

  6. Ning v2.0 | Says:

    […] But Ning just launched version 2 of their service, and it looks a lot better than the last. After receiving an RSS feed from TechCrunch, I’ve spent the last hour or so reading through all the latest news on the release, including catching up on the Ning blog and watching the video on Scoble. And from what I can gather, Ning is now essentially an open source platform for building social networks with limitless extensibility, but with the hosting and database management made much easier. […]

  7. Ning: the social-networking engine » Says:

    […] For something that was created by legendary Netscape founder Marc Andreessen — the Blake Ross of his day, for you Firefox fans — the social-media “engine” called Ning has kind of been flying under the radar for awhile. As Mike Arrington notes at TechCrunch, the initial release of the service was somewhat underwhelming, and so I think a lot of people sort of forgot about it. But it has steadily improved, and just rolled out some more enhancements. […]

  8. Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing : Ning versus Live Spaces and Yahoo Groups Says:

    […] Ning versus Live Spaces and Yahoo Groups Ning, a social networking platform,  has relaunched today with new features. Ning was founded by Marc Andreessen and Gina Bianchini. Marc was the founder of Netscape and LoudCloud so Ning warrants special attention. Mike Arrington at TechCrunch has come around to liking Ning after first panning it as a dead application. Robert Scoble has a video interview with Marc and Gina.  Om Malik says ” Ning 2.0 is also a challenge to current crop of blogging tools that are still not waking to the new reality, and continue to live like content management systems. The big challenge for Ning will be to get mass adoption, for upon that “adoption” hinges its business model. The company plans to charge $19.95 a month if you want to run your own ads (or no ads at all). Your own domain will cost $4.95 a month, and a package of 5 GB storage/100 GB of bandwidth is going to cost $9.95 a month. At these prices, Ning will need thousands of social networks before it can join an elite network of start-ups of recent vintage that are profitable. Haven’t we seen this before? After reading some of the reviews and visiting the Ning site I stopped to think for a minute. Hmmm…haven’t we seen this before? Yahoo Groups and MSN Spaces, now called Live Spaces, have been around for a long time. Then I made a list of the Ning features and compared them to Yahoo and Live Spaces. They are virtually the same. Here is my incomplete list; Discussion forums Blogs Photos Video Polls Advertising Members Member pages Privacy settings Customization Management dashboard Ning, like Yahoo Groups and Live Spaces is free. Ning will make its money by selling advertising, up-selling additional features like extra bandwidth, and using your own domain name. The promise of Ning is customization. Ning is building out a platform that will support a variety of social applications that can be customized with your own code and scripts. The current version has feature parity with most of the big payers. I expect Ning will raise the bar with more sample applications and more customization options in the future. There are lots of choices. Blogging platforms like TypePad, Blogtronix, and Community Server, are great platforms today, but will need to continue innovating to remain viable competitors. Yahoo Groups and Live Spaces have millions of users today, but will likewise need to stay current. Published Tuesday, February 27, 2007 11:05 AM by Don Dodge […]

  9. » Blog Archive » Ning V2 - Another Day, Another Revolution Says:

    […] Forgive the hyperbole, but I’m just very darned impressed with what Ning has done with their v2. For not a lot of coin, any company or group can establish their own self-branded social networking site. Combined with other cheap and off-the-shelf tools that are here or coming very soon, this allows smart organizations to efficiently leverage brand and relationships in ways that were until quite recently just unimaginable.              Related Posts […]

  10. Shawn Honnick Says:

    The password lookup on Ning may be broken. It’s not sending me a password reset link.

  11. jesse Says:

    Gina Bianchini:

    Ho’omaika’i ‘ana! Congrats!

    Nou No Ka `I`ini.

  12. Shawn Honnick Says:

    OK, 30 minutes is not toooo long to wait for a password reset. :-)

  13. Beta Alfa » Bloggvardag, Ning, grönblått och bloggpengar Says:

    […] Kolla när Nings Gina Bianchini, i ett videoklipp, visar hur det går till. […]

  14. Mark Kaftanski Says:

    Gina rocks,Ning rocks.

  15. iChris Says:

    That’s awesome. I’d never heard of Ning before. 2 social networks created! :)

  16. Ning is back and its all about DIY Social Networks | The Last Minute Blog Says:

    […] I thought this was actually quite impressive. [via ScobleShow via bruce sterling] […]

  17. Have you seen Ning (again?) at charisma:18 Says:

    […] Ning is back. And it’s not playing this time. Technorati Tags: ning Tags: ning | […]

  18. Why I dont understand Ning. | Dr. Doubt ! Says:

    […] Why is the release so dull? Some ideas: the social network with the most members in first week will be featured on ning homepage, and get the domain and google ads removed for free. or, the social network with the most innovative theme alteration will get a zune (Gina used a Windows PC during the demo) […]

  19. Internet Briefing Blog / Einmal Ning bitte Says:

    […] In einer kleinen Video-Demo sieht man leicht verständlich, wie Ning in der 2. Version einfach zu bauende Social Networks anbietet. Damit sinken die Kosten für eine eigene Plattform auf Low-Level. Es steigen allerdings auch die Marketing-Kosten, wenn man aus den unzähligen Anbietern dann auch einmal herausstechen will. yigg this! — save to […]

  20. links for 2007-02-28 | On Influence and Automation Says:

    […] Build your own social space with Ning, version 2 | ScobleShow: Videoblog about geeks, technology, and developers Here Ning co-founder Gina Bianchini, shows off the new Ning social media creation platform. We get an in-depth demo of how Ning (version 2 just released today) enables you to build your own social network. (tags: social website design ning) […]

  21. The Zone Read » Blog Archive » links for 2007-02-28 Says:

    […] Build your own social space with Ning, version 2 | ScobleShow: Videoblog about geeks, technology, and developers Here Ning co-founder Gina Bianchini, shows off the new Ning social media creation platform. (tags: social networks) […]

  22. Jay’s Weblog » Blog Archive » Next Generation Social Networks Says:

    […] Why join MySpace and Friendster when you can easily create your own social network with the new re-launched Ning. Now anyone and not just developers can easily create and maintain their own social network. You can see a video interview with the two founders of Ning (one of which is Marc Andresson who founded Netscape). There is also a brief video showing the features of Ning by Gina Bianchini (The other co-founder of Ning). […]

  23. Ovelha Elétrica » Criando seu próprio Orkut Says:

    […] Demorou mas enfim apareceu um site cuja proposta é criar sua própria rede social. O Ning permite que você faça uma comunidade personalizada sobre qualquer assunto. Basta se cadastrar. Mas vale a pena assitir esse tutorial. Dica do Rene. 02.03.07 @ 12:54 pm Homem Robô Nenhum comentário Deixe seu comentário: […]

  24. User Designer >> A Social Network Built By You: Ning Says:

    […] The implications of Ning and cohorts are that we can expect to see lots of small social networks. Are there certain thresholds for small social networks? Will there be too much choice in a small social network? If you have a bunch of friends, say around 20 connected people, will they drown in too many options?

    By giving people so many avenues of communication and interaction you could reduce the amount of shared virtual space between a group of friends. For example I often come across quiet web forums with lots and lots of different sub-forums. Each of those sub-forums commonly only has a few threads consisting of a scattering of posts made by different users, and […]

  25. 15 Meanings » Ning, Virb and Imeem Says:

    […] Ning - Very interesting relaunch of an already existing product.  Gina, Marc and team went back to the drawing board and came out with something very slick.  The idea of putting the power and ownership of a social network in the hands of the community is very interesting.  The overall user flow is great, nice mix of drag and drop, ajaxy stuff as well as form based input.  Being able to customize your social network sign up process to fit your social network’s interests is really cool.  For a demo of the product, click here. […]

  26. Shaping Youth » Ning Adds Zing to Personal Social Networking Says:

    […] I knew they’d get it together, and Gina was a smart cookie with laser vision. Sure enough, Robert Scoble, who is in my NextNow member thinktank, reports Ning has recently ‘relaunched. Now, Ning has easier functionality and cool tools for fools like me that can’t grok the geek speak of engineers. Yay! Here’s Robert doing his Scoble Show video demo of Gina at Ning. […]

  27. » Priority inversion syndrome caught Ningians Says:

    […] I was watching a rather old Scoble show last night: It was an interview with founders of Ning and a demo of In short, ning helps you to create your own social network with as few as possible of keyboard tiks and mouse toks. Seems cool, doesn’t it?  […]

  28. nunm Says:

    thiz thing sukkz dahtz y im no in thiz thing im not even signed up HAHAHAHA dumb bytchez sukk myy diqk n im a lil gurl 2!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Emanuele Says:

    Ning è eccezionale, e lo stesso posso dire di Nina! Fascino italiano (di dov’è papà?) e esoticità statunitense! Fantastico!

    Complimenti a entrambi!


  30. Blogging News Blog » Create Social Networks With Ning Says:

    […] Create Social Networks With Ning March 4th, 2007 There is some buzz (see here, here, here and here) over a new website called Ning that allows users to create social networks. The website allows you to create a social network about anything and many have already been created. There are Nings for microbrews, presidential candidates, American Idol and even ketchup. You can choose to just join the social networks if you would prefer not to make one. Some of the Ning social networks are invite only so you may not be able to join immediately. According to the Ning team on the Ning blog many people have decided to create Ning social networks. Over 7,000 have already been created. What a week! We added 7,723 new social networks in the past four days. Wow! Here’s a few of them. We’ve also gotten great ideas, feedback, and suggestions from the folks creating them. It’s been fantastic, so thank you! We worked through the night to make your networks on Ning faster than a speeding bullet. The issues folks saw with our database bug earlier in the week are resolved and, while something new can always show up, our servers are happy as clams under the current high load. God, I hope I didn’t just jinx it by saying that In all seriousness, we’ve been up, stable, and fast for the past 18 hours and responding to issues within minutes. In total, we took Ning down for 3 hours over the past 4 days. We had intermittent slowdowns for an additional 6 hours. The benefit of monitoring absolutely everything is that we can tell you that we’ve had 97% uptime since our launch. Not too bad for the first week of a brand spanking new product. Things look good for Ning in the early going. At a minimum they’ve created a popular social network hosting service. They are likely to face many new competitors later this year and on into 2008. For those looking to build a Ning the ScobleShow has provided this video demo (hat tip ExperienceCurve) with Ning co-founder and CEO Gina Bianchini. […]

  31. Hendra Says:

    Cool.. are you hiring? ;)

  32. Zmajrct Says: x

  33. Rodolpho Says:

    I love when she winks to the cameraw

  34. NewTeeVee Conference lacking substance? « Scobleizer Says:

    […] 1. Best practices of old on new. The best example of oldTV coming to newTV is what is doing. Ever watch Lost over there? I have and it’s the best stuff out there. They are using technology from Move Networks. That stuff blows away Joost. To me THAT is “new TV.” 2. The best advertising technology I’ve seen is CastFire. I don’t see them on the program. I do see Brightroll. That’s good, I have a 24-minute interview with the founder on my show. Nexidia showed me a bleeding edge technology that’s already bringing new kinds of contextual ads to several TV stations’ local news shows. 3. The biggest innovator in streaming media is Chris Pirillo. The way he uses chat. His sponsorships. And the way he uses YouTube is very innovative yet he isn’t on the program. 4. Codec comparisons: DivX has some of the best codecs out there. It also has a set top box that I’m playing with and its Stage6 community is pretty neat. DivX’s CEO was on my show at CES earlier this year. Adobe is doing a bunch of work. So are other folks. Can we see a shootout? Or techniques to get the sharpest picture online? 5. Apple? No, they have nothing to do with “new TV” right? Well, I haven’t been able to get them on my show either, but Rocky uses Apple’s FinalCutPro to edit my show. 6. Adobe? I see one guy on there as part of a panel discussion. Are we going to learn anything in a panel?: No, we won’t. But the folks who bring us Flash deserve a lot more than a panel slot. Not to mention they have a video editor, Premiere. Oh, and my video with the engineering team behind Flex/Flash talking about its architecture got hundreds of thousands of views. 7. Microsoft? They want to get market share away from Adobe. I see Dan’l Lewin there, but you do realize he isn’t a technical guy and he hasn’t built any video or done any video on the Net, right? He was a co-founder of NeXT, though. Maybe that’s the closest to Steve Jobs you could get. 8. Rocketboom? They just shipped an iPhone app. They have the best distribution system I’ve seen for an independent video blog. Andrew is still doing innovative stuff. Where’s he? 9. Blognation? (Or ANY blog network other than GigaOm?) They are about to put video bloggers in dozens of countries. But not gonna be at NewTeeVee I guess. And because they are a competitive thing to GigaOm they get locked out the same way that PodTech gets locked out. If I ran a conference I’d invite my competitors to speak. Why? Cause my first responsibility as a conference planner is to the people who come. See Eric Norlin’s video for more on planning a great conference. 10. USVP? They invested in several video ventures (including PodTech, Zannel, and National Banana). Not gonna be there and they should be. Heck, let’s get out of stuff that’d help me out. Last night I had dinner with Stewart Alsop. He’s an investor in Why isn’t he on the VC panel? Justin is doing the most innovative stuff in the streaming video space. 11. Tracking and uploading? TubeMogul, for instance, showed me how they can let video bloggers upload to multiple sites and track their results.’s CTO was on my show too. I wish someone would do a session on new ways to demonstrate audience engagement and size and all that. 12. New ways to tell video stories? YourTrumanShow showed me how, for instance. 13. Mixing 3D world’s with video? I don’t see that either. But Scenecaster has a way to do that. So does Second Life. More on the way. I’d love to hear the latest and see what Eric Rice and friends are up to. 14. Why not a session on video vs. audio? There’s a lot of interest there and it sure would be interesting to see if BlogTalkRadio could make a case for audio. You noticed my son’s first sounds on the Internet were audio only, not a video, even though I had lots of video gear there. Heck, I sure could learn something about getting better audio quality. 15. Facebook? MySpace? LinkedIn? Plaxo? Facebook is one of the hottest video sites on the Internet yet I see nothing about it. That’s really lame and missing where a TON of “new TV” action is happening. 16. Building a social network around your video site? Magnify, Ning, and Broadband Mechanics might have something to say about that. In fact, Magnify shows off a great “new TV” site to me. Ning showed me their stuff too. So does BlogTronix, which has a system that lets companies build sites very similar to the Channel 9 one at Microsoft. Ning will be at the conference but, again, only on a panel. That’s not the help that people need — they need demos of what’s possible, not more talk. 17. Legal issues with new TV. How do you get rights to music, other people’s videos? What’s the rules around fair use? 18. Mobile video? On my show Buzzwire showed off its solution. Also, showed me a way to share videos with your friends from your mobile phones.’s CEO is on a panel discussion but I doubt they’ll do a demonstration of how that works. It really is mind-blowing what you can do on a cell phone now. 19. Streaming video? Ustream came on my show to demonstrate what it’s doing. Veodia is aimed at big companies with a better quality streaming video. 20. Mashups? YouTube is now showing videos on top of Google Earth. Plazes is giving us location-based presence. What could we do with that? 21. Film sites. Jaman is very impressive, for instance. 22. Webcasting? IVT showed me its solution. So did Adobe with its Connect service. 23. New kinds of Web experiences that’ll have an impact on how video is used. Zude got my “demo of the year” mark and demonstrates new ways to use video online. Mixercast is a cool way to mashup video, pictures, and other stuff too. 24. New hardware gadgets for video producers? Drobo showed me a new hard drive system, for instance, that we’re using at PodTech and love. I’ve been testing out tons of the latest gear including a Nokia N95 with and a new Nikon pocket camera that has wifi built in. Heck, get Ryan Block of Engadget to come out and show off the latest gear. That dude has a ton of gadgets in his house and he always knows what’s good and what’s not. 25. Real Networks? Do they have a shot at sticking around? They came on my show to demonstrate its new player which lets you save from YouTube. 26. Search and Discovery. MeeVee demoed its search engine. Blinkx CEO came on my show to talk about it (then later took his company to an IPO). Dabble’s founder/CEO showed me its cool search portal and community for video. Stumbleupon came on my show to demonstrate its cool video discovery service. 27. Why don’t I see anything on Windows Media Center? TV Tonic showed me a killer system that’s getting lots of traffic for video bloggers. 28. Video greeting cards? Smilebox showed me theirs. 29. Video email? EyeJot showed me how to do it. 30. Bleeding edge ways to use video cameras? Get Andy Wilson from Microsoft Research to come down. He showed me a system that was wild. 31. Ways to make money with your “new TV?” Edgeio showed me a classified ad system that a few video bloggers are using to bring in some extra cash. 32. Splashcast has been seeing massive growth through its Facebook application. They came on my show a few months ago to demonstrate its widget and media distribution network. 33. What’s the future of home entertainment systems? Seagate showed me its version at CES. I just interviewed MediaMaster too (mostly music right now, but video someday soon) and they have a very awesome service. Videos of that coming soon. 34. Screencasting for fun and profit. Don McAllister, who publishes, came on my show to talk about how he does it. 35. Google? They do this thing called YouTube. You might have heard of it. Marc Lucovsky showed me how to “bling my blog” with a video bar, too. 36. Video education? Winnov showed me an innovative system for universities to use. 37. Loic Le Meur’s Seesmic (here’s me talking about it). If you really want to be known as “NewTeeVee” you gotta have them on the schedule. 38. Zannel. I interviewed them this week and they are competing with Seesmic and 39. UPDATE: I totally forgot Bittorrent. A guy I know downloads all of his TV shows via Bittorrent (and movies and music too). I’m sure he’s not alone so a conference like this should discuss that and what the industry should do for or against it. 40. Serving an international audience. Look at the new Pop!Tech videos. They have subtitles with eight languages in them. That really rocks. But what do you need to do if you want to serve China and keep your videos from getting censored? How about transcriptions so that search engines can work better? Etc. […]

  35. austin Says:

    i blieve that i can make a great website

  36. My Crunchies Votes « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger Says:

    […] 1. BEST TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION/ACHIEVEMENT: Twine. (Here’s a video I did with them). Although Google’s MyLocation feature on its new mobile maps are the one thing I appreciate most that came along this year. Funny, though, Amazon’s S3 service is probably having the biggest impact on the startups and it wasn’t on the list. 2. BEST BOOTSTRAPPED START-UP. Techmeme. 3. BEST NEW GADGET/DEVICE. iPhone although ever since Qik came into my life I’ve been using the Nokia N95 more. 4. BEST BUSINESS MODEL. Glam Media. Personally, why wasn’t on this list? Actually, I would have put SmugMug on this list too, although where’s RockYou? They are making tons of money right now. 5. BEST DESIGN. Smugmug. (Here’s a video I did with them). 6. BEST ENTERPRISE START-UP. 37 Signals. If Atlassian or NewsGator were on this list I might have gone with them. 7. BEST CONSUMER START-UP. 23 and me. I didn’t like the choices here, but this is the most interesting of the ones presented. 8. BEST MOBILE START-UP. Twitter. (Here’s a video I did with them). How come BluePulse wasn’t on this list? Or Dopplr? 9. BEST INTERNATIONAL START-UP. Atlassian. (Here’s a video I did with them). 10. BEST USER-GENERATED CONTENT. Instructables. 11. BEST VIDEO SITE: Personally, if Seesmic, Kyte, or Qik were on this list I would have voted for one of those three. (Seesmic was removed because Mike Arrington has invested in it). 12. BEST CLEAN TECH START-UP. Tesla Motors. 13. BEST USE OF VIRAL MARKETING. iLike. (Here’s a video I did with them). 14. BEST TIME SINK SITE. Kongregate. (Here’s a video I did with them). 15. MOST LIKELY TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. Kiva. 16. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. Wordpress. (Here’s a video I did with them). 17. BEST START-UP FOUNDER. Mark Zuckerberg. (I have a video with his sister, where she gives some interesting insights). 18. BEST START-UP CEO. Gina Bianchini. (Here’s a video I did with her). 19. BEST NEW START-UP OF 2007. Tumblr. I actually didn’t like any of these choices, but Tumblr is the one that caught my eye the most. 20. BEST OVERALL. Facebook. I actually like Twitter more, but I can just hear Christopher Coulter having fun with me if I chose it, so I took the bigger Facebook. […]

  37. globalenglan Says:

    and saw and dream. When raspberries, acorns removing I know is still

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