Talking search with Dow Jones Vice President

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It’s not often you get to pick the brain of a Dow Jones and Company Executive Vice President (they own the Wall Street Journal, among many other important media properties) but here we sit down with Clare Hart who has two roles, EVP, and president, Dow Jones Enterprise Media Group. One powerful and connected woman (she used to be CEO of Factiva). Here we sit down for an interesting chat about the state of the search industry, particularly as it pertains to enterprises (Factiva is a search service that big companies including Microsoft use internally to stay on top of markets).

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  1. Dow Jones VP on search industry « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] Dow Jones VP on search industry You might know Dow Jones. They own the Wall Street Journal. So, it’s not everyday that I get to sit down with an executive vice president from there. And, wow, what an impressive person. I almost said “impressive woman” but you don’t get to the top of Dow Jones without being impressive all the way around and Clare Hart does not disappoint. […]

  2. Jim Turner Says:

    Clare Hart is obviously well versed and passionate about her company, and it’s nice to know that someone out their understands search and how it deals with my attention.

  3. Chip Griffin: Pardon the Disruption Says:

    Scoble Interviews Dow Jones/Factiva’s Clare Hart…

    For those interested in the enterprise search and monitoring market, Robert Scoble’s Podtech interview with Clare Hart of Dow Jones is a must watch. As President of the Dow Jones Enterprise Media Group and former CEO of Factiva, she certainly…

  4. the power of news Says:

    Clare Hart im Interview mit Robert Scoble…

    Clare Hart spricht in der Scoble Show unter anderem über die Integration von Factiva in die Enterprise Media Group von Dow Jones sowie über Google, die Zukunft von Enterprise Search und die Bedeutung von Blogs. Clare ist als Executive Vice…

  5. Pete Shaw Says:

    An interesting slant on Factiva and its positioning in the market. We use Factiva at my work but I see it as a content aggregator of premium and in the example of blogs statistically verified content. Of course with some nice front ends and graphing/alerting built on front.

    I don’t however see them as a search company, as I understand it all the search and some of the alerting/market watching technology is licensed from

    Would be interested to see you talk to more players in the Enterprise search industry - as I agree with Clare in that Google has not offered a compelling product for enterprise use across all the types of data you may wish to search (yet - they’re catching up though).

  6. Clare Hart Says:

    Your questions make the interview! Your open ended approach, while keeping the focus, is great.

    BTW, did you see that Cisco plans to announce it is buying This is another example of consumer technology (social networking) moving into the enterprise.

    I am proud to be part of your collection of Podtech interviews and will enjoy watching this new media evolve. Innovative!

    Hope to see you again soon.

  7. Robert Scoble Says:

    Clare: yeah, saw that. Thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed talking with you a lot and hope to do it again soon.

  8. Jeremy Lopez Says:

    I really enjoyed your interview as it was quite informative. As we are all aware Factiva is a resource that is very nice to work with. However, I had a question regarding what you will be doing with the growing demand for Arabic, Chinese and Japanese content. Is this a feature that Factiva will be giving some focus to (language navigation or translations), and if yes will you travel this road alone or be looking to work with other technology and content providers?

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