Looking at Pageflakes — your new start page

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Here Dan Cohen, CEO of Pageflakes, demonstrates his new service, which makes a killer start page.

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  1. chilibean Says:

    A start page with the most…

    What is your start page when you open your web browser? Do you find yourself longing for a start page that has all the content you’d like to review briefly before you head off into the wilds of the Web? There are a couple options which could do the …

  2. Howard Lindzon » New Highs and Lows and a new feature - NERD LULLABY Says:

    […] Your daily lullaby is brought to you from Scoble and Pageflakes . He only went 26 minutes here with this Pageflakes company that cures dandruff if you use it as an internet startpage. Do not watch this while driving. Scoble says he is already suing me and I don’t need the extra aggravation. BTW, Scoble is not my type of people so I have banned him. Yes, he is a Lindzon fan , but I never liked him. I gave his book to charity for the deduction. […]

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