Killing portals with Pageflakes’ CEO

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I sit down with Dan Cohen, CEO of Pageflakes, who tells me about his company’s efforts to become your startup page.

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  1. The war over your start page « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] First up is PageFlakes. Dan Cohen, CEO of PageFlakes, sat down with me to talk about the space. Cool stuff. How will you decide on your home page? What’s your favorite place to start the day out? […]

  2. Voyager » Blog Archive » Killing portals with Pageflakes’ CEO Says:

    […] A pretty good interview w/Robert Scoble and PageFlakes CEO Dan Cohen. Definitely worth the more | digg story […]

  3. I Think I’m In Love With Robert Scoble Says:

    […] That was enough. Now I’m going to be all over him like an unwanted rash. My name will appear so often it will be marked as spam, and send his measly 403,396-spam Akismet figure soaring. I’m already feeling my throat constrict and my hair follicles ignite looking at his utterly befuddling Google Shared Pages (save for the cats, which I can’t even find). I’m realising how much I hate “Tech,” but I’m trying like billy-o not to. And I’m working my way through his confoundedly endearing ScobleShow videos in which, from certain angles, you would swear it was Philip Seymour Hoffman. My favourite bit so far is when he adjusted the camera during an interview with Dan Cohen, CEO of Pageflakes to include more of himself. […]

  4. jcernharth Says:

    Just when netvibes had me thinking it was the only game in town!

  5. Andy C Says:

    Interesting interview (albeit a little long) but the most obvious and interesting question I would ask is:

    ‘How is Pageflakes different from Netvibes/myYahoo/Google IG ?’

    I am a Netvibes user and see nothing here to encourage me to even try PageFlakes.

  6. mc Says:

    mmmmm…nice flaky biscuit…

  7. Dan Cohen Says:

    Andy C:

    Good question. I had the pleasure of working on both My Yahoo and Google PHP. Now that I’m the Pageflakes CEO, I think there’s a LOT different about Pageflakes, and much more to come. Check out this post for some things I think are very different:

    If you’re looking for something cool to try that’s different, try our new video Flakes, and check out the pages that users are sharing and publishing - one of our very unique features:

    I hope you like it!


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