Rocky Barbanica, my editor, goes “short” on Scoble

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Lots of people have been asking for shorter videos and since we have two hours of content from the Microsoft Research tour, Rocky thought he’d introduce a new series of ScobleShow “shorts.” Here’s his introduction.


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  2. Bill Olen Says:

    Great Idea!

  3. James Corbett Says:

    Thanks for listening - I’m actually going to end up watching way more video now.

  4. Orville Chomer Says:

    I actually have enjoyed the long videos… I guess I’m an info junky!

  5. Bertil Says:

    Love the idea (the choice, really) and I repeat my initial idea about this: give your viewers the possibility to click to say: “Wop, wop, wop! what was that? Could you spend more time on this one, please?” That’s more Flashy magic then anything video — but we are all geeks, right?

  6. Rocky Barbanica Says:

    As I get this process refined, I will attempt to apply Moore’s Law and eventually be able to laser 52 minutes of ScobleShow through your brain in 10 seconds… WITH RETENTION! :-)

    All comments and suggestions are most welcome.

    Happy Viewing-


  7. Colin Devroe Says:

    Way to go Rocky! Although I love the ScobleShow and watch every episode, I can see this being very time saving to see if I’d be interested in a show or not. Very cool.

    I have to say too, that I’ve seen Rocky in action and I’ve seen some of the stuff he can do and his talents extend far beyond that of the ScobleShow and so hats off to him and his abilities… Keep up the great work Rocky!

  8. Rocky Barbanica Says:

    Thanks, Colin- and everyone else, too!

    I’ve been in many different atmospheres doing my thing and although The Scoble Show isn’t the most challenging, working with Robert is an awesome experience. He is truly brilliant and I am going to learn a LOT from him. I’ve learned a ton already-


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    let play me on the street…

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