Editor’s Choice, Part I, of Microsoft Research TechFest Tour

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Rocky picked the coolest stuff off of Part 1 of the Microsoft Research TechFest Tour, so if you only have 12 minutes, you can see our favorite stuff from the tour (part 1 of the full tour is about an hour long, so we’ve edited it down into three shorter videos — this is the first part).

Here’s what you’ll find on this shorter version:

  1. VIBE group shows off synchronizing via mobile phone research
  2. Andy Wilson shows off a cool set of apps that use video cameras in a new way (don’t miss this, it rocks!)
  3. Daniel Robbins shows off a new “tap UI” for phones.

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3 Responses to “Editor’s Choice, Part I, of Microsoft Research TechFest Tour”

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  2. Oscar Toscano Says:

    This could prove to be helpful. Might add a few points to employee productivity. I like the bluetooth integration.

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