Second part of cool Microsoft Research’s TechFest Tour

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Passionate Kevin Schofield continues us on the tour of Microsoft Research’s TechFest. Interesting demos you’ll see on this second part?

  1. 00:00: Jon Howell shows us a new kind of login: one where you recognize whether a cat is a cat.

  2. 6:30: Fingerprint and biometric research, with Ramarathnam Venkatean.
  3. 10:11: GUI’s for people who can’t read, with Archana Prasad, of MSR India.
  4. 16:50: Concurrent programming (building systems for multi-core chips) with Michael Isard.
  5. 25:12: Searching maps using street-side photos.
  6. 29:22: Sensor data sharing (wearing different sensors and collecting that data), and at 30:20, Scott Counts shows off a system that collects force off of mountain bike rides and maps that out. At 33:05, Nuria Oliver shows off a sleep apnea measuring system.
  7. 40:29: Meet Jennifer Chayes, mathematician.

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