Editor’s Choice: best of Joel Spolsky’s interview

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at http://www.podtech.net/scobleshow/technology/1415/editors-choice-best-of-joel-spolskys-interview

My editor grabbed some good hooks from a very lengthy (but dripping-with-insight!) interview. If you like these clips, you’ll really dig the long show. Here are the highlights of Joel Spolsky’s interview.


92 Responses to “Editor’s Choice: best of Joel Spolsky’s interview”

  1. Jacques Marneweck Says:

    Joel, let me know when you decide to visit Cape Town, South Africa! Lets hook up and chat! :)

  2. Enric Says:

    I really enjoyed this interview. As a developer it covered issues I’m keen on, was snappy and to the point.

  3. some guy Says:

    This interview shows part of the reason FogBugz has been successful (besides the more obvious factor, viz. the popularity of JoS): Fog Creek’s insight into the software development process.

    When developing products, there is no substitute for deep domain knowledge.

  4. Adrian Gheorghe Says:

    Can you please post a downloadable version (ie: non-flash) of the movie?

  5. Robert Scoble Says:


    There already is one. Look for the icon under “download this” above.

  6. Rick S Says:

    That poor guy sitting next to him - can you imagine being the Laurel to Joel’s Hardy?

    As an ex-customer of FogCreeks software I’m a little less enamored with Joel’s pithy insights. He talks a good software app but he’s a better writer than software designer. JoelOnSoftware was a great blog, but now it’s a jobs board (one of about 2.0 million, oh the irony) and a recruiting roach-hotel for ASP/VBScript college kids. With Google in New York now and the likes of 37signals around to aspire to, his day is long gone and it’s kinda sad to still see him struggling along telling people he ‘used to work on the Excel team when it was good’…

  7. Michael Pryor Says:

    Just watched the interview Robert… Thanks for getting that up.

    I guess I’m the “poor guy” sitting next to Joel :) … I got the chance to start one of the most amazing software companies around when I was a green 23 yrs old, having one of the smartest people I know as my co-founder. I’ve had an opportunity that most people would kill for…

    If you’re ever in NY Rick, send us an email and we’ll have you over for lunch. You can tell us where we went wrong to lose you as a customer.


  8. Adrian Gheorghe Says:

    Sorry for not looking more carefully, thanks for the patience :)

  9. Marc-André Cournoyer’s blog Says:

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  10. Nariman Haghighi Says:

    Great interview. Though I’ve never used this bug tracking suite, I can tell you that without an API (or configuration ability, or semi-direct query facilities) around reporting, you will always have tech companies like NVIDIA that are happier to devote a resource to home-grown systems in an effort to keep pace with ever-expanding creativity on the part of their users.

    It makes sense that the largest competition is coming from inside, as those systems are naturally more receptive to inevitable change.

    Generalizing and packaging the psychology of dev shops is a tricky feat.

    It’d be interesting to see a bug-tracking “layer” (analogous to WSS/MOSS in the CMS space) that provides a toolset with free reign on customization potential.

    The appeal for developers tuning to a blog for martha-stewart-calibre work, that is unattainable in their own environments, would surely decline as the foundations for custom solutions evolve and converge.

  11. Jag Says:

    Jacques Marneweck,

    I am letting you know that I want to visit South Africa in 2010 (World Cup).

    Please keep in touch, so I can see some soccer and chat about software development with you.


    P.S. Something tells me that I am not as welcome as Joel is.

  12. adaptive path » blog » blog archive » Signposts for the Week ending March 30, 2007 Says:

    […] Robert Scoble interviews Joel Spolsky […]

  13. jc Says:

    great stuff…I respect the fact that he has been around for a while and is not a web-monkey come lately developer. As well, he uses the good-enough approach and that perfect is the enemy of good.

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  15. Scott Smith Says:

    Rick S., I think you mean Tubs to his Crockett — if you meant to insult him.

    I watched their interaction and thought they were an old married couple — I mean that as a compliment.

    I have used all of Fog Creek’s software. City Desk was ok, but FogBugz and Copilot kill. You don’t know what pain is until you have to use something like Track-It!.

    As for Copilot, I have never had problems. My father had strange computer issues and it turned out to be his home network. Copilot was the only remote control app that got me through his tangled network.

    I no longer even waste time with the other freebie remote control solutions. Even my time is worth more than $5.

    Finally, Michael just showed you a little class with what I take to be a sincere offer to discuss your dissatisfaction with their product — and they’ll provide lunch.

  16. Jesper Says:

    It’s a good interview, but the video streaming is driving me crazy.

    If the flash player would let me “buffer” the whole video before starting to play - like youtube.com does - it would be a much more pleasent experience. This player seems to stop loading when paused.

    I’m viewing this from China.

  17. Parisian Developer Says:

    Where’s the one hour version of this interview ?

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  19. Robert Scoble Says:

    Parisian: It’s here: http://www.podtech.net/scobleshow/technology/1414/joel-spolsky-the-famous-blogger-on-software-productivity

  20. Mark Rockman Says:

    A guy with an MBA has had his ticket punched to manage anything from a tire plant to a group of software developers. So the MBA guy doesn’t ordinarily know that developers need more than a fat paycheck and a reference library to keep them happy. And that would include appreciation, respect, communication, training, and times when developers can turn down the lightning bolts that shoot out of their fingertips. “The Best of Joel” cuts through all the boilerplate speeches Executives make to exhort the troops to work harder so that the Executive can grow the company according to his so-called plan. Business types don’t know what they want, but they will know it when they see it, if ever they do. They judge by how snappy the UI is. Schools are run like prisons. Businesses are run like prisons, too. Note use of the word “recidivism.”

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    […] Seth Godin talks about noisy people and points to a video that you’ve got to watch. Oh how we shun the nonbelievers…. Speaking of Seth, Presentation Zen links to a Godin video, well worth the few minutes of time. And speaking of videos, Scoble has an interview with non other than Joel Spolsky. You have your choice of the full hour plus or 6 minutes - your call […]

  22. EricDotNet Says:

    Joel on software…

    Probably most software engineers or people in this field are familiar with
    http://www.joelonsoftware.com/. There is an interview with Joel on Scoble’s podtech, it’s over an hour long, but there is also a short 6 minutes verion !

    My favorit…

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    […] It’s Friday, and you weren’t going to get anything done anyway, so go watch Robert Scoble interview me for The Scoble Show. The full version is just over an hour. There’s also a 6 minute edited version. […]

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    […] Isn’t measuring “market metrics”, in some sense, like pleasing Wall Street, just with customers instead of investors? If you focus yourself on your number of customers, your product development will inevitably look very different than if you focus on your vision. It could encourage you to take shortcuts that are lucrative in the near term, but that make you unable to keep a strong position in the long term. A great example for this is mentioned in an interview with Joel Spolsky (six minute podcast) where adding a new feature would have most probably brought his sales up, but then developers would have started to work their way around his system, a gloomy prospect in the long term for any ISV. […]

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