Making video searchable with Nexidia executive

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Drew Lanham, senior vice president of media at Nexidia, showed me a really interesting system that makes video searchable on the Internet. Then, his prototype uses that text and puts contextual advertising next to the video.

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  1. The future of video advertising on the Net? « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] Here’s an interview with further info about how the system works and what else it could be used for. […]

  2. Digital Hobo Says:

    Same concept as ScanScout. Generate transcripts and use that to sell contextual advertising against keywords.

  3. Drew Lanham (of Nexidia) Says:

    Actually, Nexidia doesn’t generate any text transcripts; all the content stays as a phonetic audio file. It’s this technology that lets users search so quickly for words that wouldn’t be found in any dictionary, like industry jargon or proper nouns (company names, product names, etc..). Nexidia also owns 100% of the technology, enabling us to speed enhancements to market. I believe ScanScout has licensed the Nuance engine.

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