Building great sites with Adobe Dreamweaver, CS3 edition ships today

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To celebrate Adobe shipping its CS3 Suite I sat down with Kenneth Berger, product manager of Adobe’s Dreamweaver and learn all about the latest in that tool. We talk about all sorts of stuff. Accessibility. Standards. Database integration. And much more. If you’re a Dreamweaver user you won’t want to miss this one.

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8 Responses to “Building great sites with Adobe Dreamweaver, CS3 edition ships today”

  1. kevin gallagher Says:

    does dreamweaver cs3 let you addcustomer comments in your site design for example say your selling a product and customers can leave feedback

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  4. jimbo Says:

    I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!

  5. static Says:

    crazy static

  6. Simon Oliver Says:

    Why does Dreamweaver CS 3 cost twice as much in Europe as the US … and why can’t we europeans buy directly from American stores? There is a mega scam somewhere: the product is identical.

  7. Bryan Newton Says:

    im only a student in a web desgn class, but I am working with Dreamweaver CS3 and CSS and I find Dreamweaver exeptionaly easy to navagate and find tools need to build my personal web site for school. I would highly recomend the adobe CS3 software.

  8. michael Says:

    i’m a recent graduate last june 2007, and i’m wondering what do i do with my flash 8 and dreamweaver cause after apple fixed my hard drive. i can’t even use both of them anymore since august 2007 and since my hard drive got fixed, my computer slows down like a turtle so i haven been able to use it. and the sad part is, i lost the serial number for flash 8 and DW. any suggestions from anyone who encountered this problem. thanks in advance.

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