Photowalking 8, part II, with Thomas Hawk: stunt bikes, tide pools, and surfers in Half Moon Bay

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Here we continue our Photowalk around Half Moon Bay with a 600mm monster lens where we take photos of people looking at tide pools, stunt bikers jumping over rocks, and more surfers. All while meeting some of the 25 people who showed up for the Photowalk. Next Photowalk, by the way, is on Sunday, April 29th, at the Half Moon Bay airport where we’ll be shooting some of 2,000 “dream machines.” You’re welcome to come along. Meet at the front gate of dream machines at 9 a.m., or call Scoble at 425-205-1921 to join in.

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  1. Photowalking8, Part II up « Scobleizer Says:

    […] Photowalking8, Part II up This is a short one, but Photowalking 8 part II is up. Lots of fun stuff on the beaches of Half Moon Bay. Eight minutes or so. […]

  2. Martin Taylor Says:

    The Dream Machines website says the gates don’t open until 10am - also, how long are you intending to be there? Thanks - hoping to be able to make it on Sunday.
    Regards - Martin

  3. Robert Scoble Says:

    Well, I hear parking is a real pain in the behind there.

    We’ll be there at least until 2 p.m. — probably longer.

  4. Hank Says:

    I own the 600mm lens and love it. It’s my every day walk around/street lens and I bring it with me absolutely everywhere.

    It’s nice because it’s not that conspicuous, it’s fairly light and can easily fit in a pocket.

  5. Photowalking 8 - Part 2 | mad dog in the fog Says:

    […] Part 2 of Photowalking 8 is now available… […]

  6. Thomas Hawk | 1938 Media Says:

    […] I had the pleasure of meeting Thomas Hawk at the Podtech bloghaus. I found him to be a very sweet guy. I liked him, really had no idea who the guy was other than some nut who was taking some insane amount of shots at CES. He runs zoomr and he’s a sick photographer. Him and that Scoble are like best buds and do this series of photo walking tours. They are like two kids having fun. Scoble and Hawk I want to go on one of those. It looks like such fun and you guys are so mellow and nice. Scoble if I come out will you take me? Please. Black on Red Hosted on Zooomr […]

  7. sergio Says:

    Its was really disgusting to hear that guy Thomas Hawk talk about photography the way he did “i shoot a 1000 raw then i see what came good”? no heart no soul, there isnt any kind of vision, character… voice any art form of any kind. it’s insulting this people, like him all of them the vanguard of the american media. you suck hawk you knows it mate.


    is that what photography is to hawk is this fellow has any respect for a thaught before pressing the button like a monkey on and on 4 gb of trash so then he might get lucky at home with some shots… whats up with that. the nerve…

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