Collaborative design app wows at Mix

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ConceptShare was my favorite thing that I saw at the recent Office 2.0 Conference. Here I run into Bernie Aho, co-founder of ConceptShare, at the Mix BlogZone last week and he gave me a short demo. ConceptShare lets you work with designers on, say, a brochure, or a Web site design, or other design elements and projects.

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  1. ConceptShare wows, Compete tracks on ScobleShow « Scobleizer Says:

    […] First, don’t miss ConceptShare. I filmed them earlier this week at Mix. This is my favorite app from the Under the Radar Office 2.0 conference that was held recently. Lets you collaborate with designers. Then I have two videos up with’s David Cancel, co-founder and CTO. Compete does web traffic analysis for free. So if you want to see how your blog stacks up, go check out Compete but in the meantime check out our interview and the demo that David did. […]

  2. ConceptShare gets a lot of love on the ScobleShow | StartupNorth Says:

    […] Canada’s most loved, and arguably best, startup, Conceptshare has been doing the conference circuit lately, and this past week at Mix’07, Scoble did an interview and demo with Bernie Aho. […]

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