Getting Photographic at Computer History Museum

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Mark Richards is an accomplished photographer who just completed a really great coffee table book full of photographs he made over two years at Silicon Valley’s Computer History Museum. We interview him inside the museum and get a look at his book and some of the images he made.

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  1. Cool photo book of Computer History « Scobleizer Says:

    […] Cool photo book of Computer History I just put up the video I shot a few weeks ago of Mark Richards, who just released a new coffee table picture book, Core Memory. All photos of computers in the Computer History Museum. He spent two years working on the book. We filmed the interview in the museum, looking at the book, and talking about how he made the images. Photographers will love this one. […]

  2. Geoff Arnold » Blog Archive » The ultimate coffee table book for grey-bearded geeks Says:

    […] Back in February of 2006 I visited the Computer History Museum in Mountain View and posted some photographs that I took. Now Scoble is reporting that a coffee-table book of photographs from the museum has just been published: Core Memory: A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers. What’s more, he’s included links to several video clips: an interview with the books’s photographer, Mark Richards, and an earlier tour of the Museum with the legendary Gordon Bell (here and here).1 […]

  3. Burk Says:

    Very interesting video Robert. As an amateur photographer and a computer nerd I found it fascinating. I just oredered the book via Amazon and can’t wait to get it.

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