State of Second Life: talking with Second Life’s embedded reporter, Part II

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James Au worked at the embedded reporter in Second Life, the virtual world where users build everything you interact with. I sit down with James for a beer on a Saturday afternoon recently and here’s our conversation. This is the second part where we discuss cool places to visit in Second Life, parental controls, PG vs. mature sims, Tringo, a game built in Second Life, and Sandbox areas.

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  2. Prokofy Neva Says:

    Amsterdam did not sell for $65,000 on ebay. It was *going* to sell for $50,000, but then the deal fell through. A RL Dutch company that was going to buy it wanted to buy all the content creator rights, too, and the vendors didn’t want to give away their rights as part of the deal.

    The owner is still hoping to sell it. Now that there is age verification coming in SL, it’s not clear the deal is as attractive or not, it will be interesting to see.

  3. klakkin Says:

    yep,..this ROCKz ! !

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