Pandora bringing Internet Radio to Cell Phones

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Pandora is one of my favorite Internet services. It lets you build a customized radio station by starting with the names of your favorite bands and songs. It then brings you more music that’s similar to that. Here Pandora’s CTO, Tom Conrad, talks about the service, demos its new mobile service, and discusses new legislation under discussion that is designed to help keep Internet radio alive. For those who don’t know, Tom explains how the music industry is threatening to decimate Internet Radio providers by charging new, much higher, fees than regular radio has to pay to broadcast music. We have an interesting discussion about that while walking around San Francisco on a Saturday afternoon.

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    […] But here Tom and I walk around San Francisco on a Saturday a week ago. This is probably one of the more important videos I’ve done. Why? Because you should listen to Tom talking about how the business of Internet Radio is under pressure. […]

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    […] Via: ScobleShow - Pandora bringing Internet Radio to Cell Phones […]

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    […] Wired says that the new fee structure won’t be put into place by SoundExchange. Ahh, this story just keeps moving. To understand thisyou might go back and watch the interview I did with Tom Conrad, Pandora’s CTO. Filed under: music @ 9:27 pm# […]

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