Zoho Notebook demoed

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See the just shipped Zoho Notebook and other Zoho applications demoed by Evangelist Raju Vegesna. Zoho Notebook lets you take notes in a meeting — and record them, too — in audio, and share those notes with coworkers or other people instantly, via the Internet.

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  1. Zoho: the office disrupters « Scobleizer Says:

    […] UPDATE: here’s a separate video where I get a demo of Zoho Notebook. […]

  2. links for 2007-05-26 | mad dog in the fog Says:

    […] Zoho Notebook demoed | ScobleShow Zoho Notebook looks very slick. (tags: collaboration web2.0) […]

  3. jason Says:

    this is the fucking future

  4. Thomas Says:

    was that a bug while doing demo? something about scroll bar? =)

  5. Nils Says:

    How much? Free. Gotta love that bit ;-)

  6. Dan Says:

    great idea, looked a bit buggy tho.

  7. Online Apps. Zoho at Moonsunweb Says:

    […] I discovered about a week ago the Zoho suite. It is an amazing collection of applications. All Ajax based, with great interactivity and free. I tried myself Zoho notebook and i am planning to try the other parts of the suite such as Zoho Planner to keep track of my TODO list. The Zoho Company seems really strong. They hire around 600 engineers in India and they are able to offer new apps, features and bug fixes really fast. It is not just that they offer an alternative way to make word processing and spread sheat online, which is absolutely great, they also offer share and export functionality. That means, i can create a spread sheet online and then get it exported in Open Office or in Excel. This is a great backup feature. […]

  8. NS Says:

    Real neat - I have started using Google doc and spreadsheet recently and one of the limitations it has is that I can’t put an arbitrary content in there - this solves it.

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