Talking about your family tree on Geni

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David Sacks, co-founder & CEO of Geni, talks with me about genealogy and how software is enabling a new (and more social) way of keeping in touch with your family members and learning about your family’s past. Don’t know who David Sacks is? He’s a co-founder of PayPal too.

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    […] I have an interview with David and a demo too (I’m embedding the demo here). […]

  2. hmmm dunno Says:

    pretty dull guy, but he’s pulled together
    an effortless user app…

  3. Lamine Says:

    Sorry Dave, but my website is better than yours. On people can have their family members or friends join their account and help them build their family tree. Hence, it takes a family to build a complete family tree.

    Software Designer.

  4. Ofelia private blog Says:


    boom boom tiesto!…

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    […] Robert Scoble interviews Geni CEO David Sacks. […]

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