Work only four hours a week with Tim Ferriss

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Tim Ferriss wrote a New York Times best seller. Why is it so hot? Because it lays out how you can work less and enjoy life more. Here, I sit down with Tim and talk about some of the ideas he discusses in his book.


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    […] OK, now you have a choice. Do you want to watch just the highlights, which will take you eight minutes? Or the full 50-minute dose of Tim? […]

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    […] Update : Catch Timothy Ferriss on The Scoble Show. […]

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    […] Click here to see the original post (new window). Click here for a shorter version with only highlights (8+ minutes, new window, external link). Tags: 4-Hour Work Week, interview, lifestyle, Robert Scoble, Timothy Ferriss, work […]

  4. Dan Says:

    Scoble, you are so loud on these videos. I’m sitting here at work trying to listen and am constantly turning up to hear Tim and then jumping out of my seat every time you laugh at yourself. Can you please try to get the levels worked out when you do interviews?

    Great content, just really hard to listen to and not annoy myself and those around me.

  5. » Blog Archive » links for 2007-06-05 Says:

    […] Work only four hours a week with Tim Ferriss Robert Scoble interviews Tim Ferriss (tags: interview robert-scoble video career work) […]

  6. SYNTAGMA » The Low Information Diet Says:

    […] There are many traps to watch out for too. I watched Ferriss being interviewed on the Scoble Show the other day hoping to discover whether the author’s wildly romantic CV had any truth in it and whether he did indeed work only four hours a week. Most of it was driven by Scoble’s interventions pushing some aspect of his own work methods. Unfortunately, it diverted the author onto narrow detail-driven paths that made his ideas seem trite. Like hiring someone in India to triage his email. Now I do know about hiring people to do simple tasks, like writing content, and believe me the time-overhead involved is usually much greater than doing the job yourself — especially if it’s triaging your email. […]

  7. the rasx() context » Blog Archive » Today’s News: Women Make More Money than Men Says:

    […] In the mean time, both sexes are racing toward a bizarre form of American self-slavery. Robert Scoble interviewed a very popular guy, according to the New York Times bestseller list, in “Work only four hours a week with Tim Ferriss.” Tim Ferriss has a plan for emancipation. Not to be a Ferriss naysayer, but my savage guess is that most people will not listen to the respect for metrics in the Tim Ferriss message and end up outsourcing too much—even their sex lives. The sex tourism industry will compete with the ‘sex migration’ industry. Instead of a new Australian penal colony, there will be matrimonial green zones scattered all over the world populated with mixed children (one parent with financial power, the other formally and systematically outsourced as an email-order spouse). The parent with the dough can visit a few months out of the year and then return to the work zone and the day job. This is already happening now but my view is that this ‘lifestyle zone’ will only get more popular among the affluent—of both sexes. […]

  8. owl Says:

    Why does pg 284 of his book The 4-hour workweek make use of a hoax email chain letter?

    Also, he claims to be a world champion fighter. Independent searches have so far found no records of him registering as a professional fighter or fights that he has won. Neither does he give any concrete proof on his website.

    His book reviews on also don’t add up:

    People are so hungry for heroes these days they will believe anything. If Tim is really who he says he is, he should clarify the above, this time with info from credible sources. Youtube videos are NOT a source of credible info.


  9. Shut Down Your Email, Close Your Feed Reader - Dawud Miracle @ - (formerly Healthy WebDesign) Says:

    […] So he suggested I watch Scoble’s interview with Tim Ferriss. Of course, being the Scoble fan I am, I had to watch it. And it turns out I was wrong. There’s some real depth to what Tim Ferriss is sharing. […]

  10. Min Liu Says:

    As an addendum to this interview, iinnovate has also talked to Tim recently and will provide more insight into Tim and his efficiency model:


  11. Alexander Muse Says:

    Have you red the book? This guy is a mess. I write about it here:

  12. Wired? Tired? Linkbaiting? I wish « Scobleizer Says:

    […] 1. Dr. Eliott Soloway on how to improve education (he was one of Larry Page’s computer science professors and was very interesting to talk with about where education is falling apart and how to fix it). 2. Mark Canter on social networking. He does an interesting job of bringing us into the social networking space. Says a TON of stuff that SHOULD have gotten Wired to react, but instead they are more interested in making fun of me and piling onto the “hate Scoble” pile. 3. Scott Klemmer is an assistant professor at Stanford University and talks with me about all sorts of geeky stuff going on inside Stanford. Human interaction design, mobile development, and much more. Remember, this is the place that started Google. Wired should have been all over this. Why weren’t they? 4. IBM’s top intellectual property lawyer held an interesting conversation with me about all sorts of stuff including open source licenses, patent reform, and a whole raft of stuff that directly affects Wired’s readership. Why didn’t they link to this? 5. One of IBM’s most decorated employees had a chat with me and Larry Magid of CBS News. Talked about virtual worlds and a few other things. That sounds like the kind of thing Wired used to be interested in. But they didn’t link to that, either. Nor did they link to a separate interview where I interview the guy who runs IBM Ventures and is one of the key strategists at IBM. 6. At the iPhoneDevCamp I interview a top game designer about emotional design and why the iPhone feels so good. Wired kind of stuff, yet didn’t earn a link. 7. VMWare just went IPO, so you’d think Wired would have linked to this interesting discussion with VMWare’s top technologist. Nah, not Wired. How about this discussion of a new programming language designed to help kids learn to program? Future Wired customers, right? Nope. You won’t have seen that on Wired Online. 8. You’d think that all the SEOs and Danny Sullivan wannabees would have linked to this interview about search engine marketing. Nope. Wired didn’t either. 9. Or maybe Wired would have linked to this interview with New York Times bestseller Tim Ferriss, who tells you how to work less. Nah, no link for that one, either. […]

  13. sb Says:

    >This guy is a mess.

    Wow, Alexander, I feel sorry for the mess that Tim Ferris is.

    And what’s Alexander up to these days?

    What’s your ignorant generality for today?

  14. Andrew Says:

    Great interview.

    Ferriss deals well with some of the criticisms in one of his recent blog posts. Anyone who is skeptical should take a look.

    His approach is remarkable and life-changing.


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