Singing her way to CES: Samantha Murphy

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We met Samantha Murphy last year at the Podcast Hotel and she instantly gripped us with her singing. She dropped by the CES BlogHaus that Seagate sponsored earlier in the year and here’s our interview with her. Yeah, we’ll be doing the BlogHaus again next year at CES. I wonder who’ll show up there? Maryam Scoble interviewed her and talked about being a singer on the road who is trying to make it.

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  1. Working on a Saturday? « Scobleizer Says:

    […] Or, if you are already on Tim’s plan, maybe you want to meet Samantha Murphy at the CES BlogHaus, our favorite indie singer — we met her at the PodCast Hotel last year in Seattle. In the interview we did with her she talks about the struggles of being an independent artist and what she’s hoping the music industry will do in the future. […]

  2. Brian Says:

    Tremendous that you interviewed this wonderfully talented artist. :)

  3. Dave B Says:

    Thanks for writing about this great artist and posting the song clip! Not only is SM a talented musician, she takes the time to create her SMTV podcast, in which she introduces her listeners to other under- appreciated performers. I wrote a review of SMTC on my Podcast Party blog.

    Hope CES turned a lot more people on to Samantha Murphy.

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