Talking Storage Safety with Drobo team

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Drobo is a data robot, it makes using multiple hard drives safe and easy - far easier than RAID or other solutions. Here, I talk with Jim Schaff, director of marketing, and Geoff Barrall, CEO and co-founder of Data Robotics, about why they invented this device.

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  1. Drobo storage device demoed « Scobleizer Says:

    […] Drobo storage device demoed Want to see how the Drobo works? That’s the storage device we’re using to hold the ScobleShow. We’ve uploaded a demo of the Drobo (also embedded here), and an interview with the founder. […]

  2. Laughing Squid » Drobo, A Multi-Drive Autonomous Data Storage Robot Says:

    […] Thomas Hawk has been testing out a Drobo as well and Robert Scoble recently interviewed Data Robotics’ director of marketing Jim Schaff and CEO and co-founder Geoff Barrall for the ScobleShow. […]

  3. Geekularity » Drobolicious! Says:

    […] I didn’t know that RAID was a bad word, much less a bad acronym, unless you are an insect. But after reading the Drobo product literature and watching Robert Scobel’s interview with the Data Robotics, Inc. management team, it became clear that Drobo’s marketing machine wants nothing to do with the term RAID. Apparently RAID has become synonymous with enterprise-level, expensive, hard to setup, and hard to maintain. Wanting to target small businesses, small offices, and home users, Data Robotics, Inc. calls their product a Data Robot (Drobo for short); a protected storage solution which uses industry standard data protection methods. Marketing gloss aside, I think that the Drobo product embraces the best of what RAID was supposed to mean: Redundant Array of Inexpensive (or Interchangeable) disks. […]

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