Looking at ThinkFree’s new online Office

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Want a free online alternative to Microsoft Office? Don’t think it’s good enough? ThinkFree’s offerings might surprise you. Here, Jonathan Crow, director of marketing for ThinkFree, shows of its latest offerings.

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  1. Going to Kyte.tv today « Scobleizer Says:

    […] Then, in a continuing series on Work 2.0 we get a look at ThinkFree’s latest online office service and talk with Jonathan Crow, director of marketing there. […]

  2. theappleofmyi.com » Free online alternative to Microsoft’s Office Says:

    […] I like the word free And I like an alternative to Microsoft even more so this caught my eye when reading my blogs. Scoble has a video demo of thinkfree on the Podtech site which is probably worth a look (downloading now). […]

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