Automating your house with iControl networks

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There’s a new kind of home-automation gadget coming out. They will watch your front door, let you control your temperature in new ways, and do a variety of other tasks. Here, Reza Raji, founder and CEO of iControl, shows us several of the gadgets and how they are changing how we can run our homes.

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  1. Home automation with iControl « Scobleizer Says:

    […] I visited Reza Raji recently to learn all about home automation gadgets since he’s the CEO of iControl — a rapidly-growing startup in Palo Alto. We had an interestingare all changing because of low-cost, industry standard, gadgets and systems. This stuff isn’t for only Bill Gates anymore. What do you think? Filed under: iControl, Home Automation,Security @ 3:30 pm # […]

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