Talking personal search with Spock

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Spock is a search engine that won’t compete with Google, except in one area: searching personal information about people. Want to find an old friend? Look up a job candidate’s background? Find a person’s blog or other social networking page? Then Spock is for you. Here, we meet Jay Bhatti, Spock co-founder, who tells us why Spock is a search engine you should consider.

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4 Responses to “Talking personal search with Spock”

  1. vaspers the grate aka steven e. streight Says:

    I like Spock a lot. You can create Spock people search pages for your clients, CEOs, bloggers you admire, etc.

    It’s a metaweb database-driven web strategy, for semantic web, and we the people are creating and controlling it.

    We are co-creating the FutureWeb, the Digital Tomorrow that everyone else will eventually occupy.

    We already see it and make it.

    I have a lot of Spock invites if anyone wants one.

    Also working on Freebase.

  2. Elroy Jetson Says:

    Spock,Search vertical about people…

    Spock is a search engine that incorporates traditional search algorithms and the idea of community interaction to become a people specific search vertical.
    The idea behind this is great and a bit scary all at the same time. The example from the Scoble…

  3. Nathan Says:

    If you want free spock invites just go to

  4. Elroy Jetson » links for 2007-07-12 Says:

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