A hour with IBM’s top intellectual property lawyer

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Ever want to spend an hour talking with one of IBM’s top intellectual property lawyers? Well, generally you don’t because that means he’s getting involved in your life. So, I did it for you and we have an interesting conversation about all sorts of legal things with David Kappos, IBM vice president and assistant general counsel. Patent trolling. Open source licensing. How and why the patent system should be overhauled. That kind of stuff.

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    […] A conversation with IBM’s top intellectual property lawyer At the AlwaysOn conference I sit down with IBM’s top intellectual property lawyer. We talk about how he’d remake the patent system. The open source licenses he likes. Patent trolls. And a lot more. […]

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    […] 19th Century Model that needs to be reformed Jump to Comments Is the Intellectual Property system (patents, copyrights, etc). The world has moved from an era ofindividual inventors (see Thomas Hughes: American Genesis) to one which creates by cooperation across cultures, across national boundaries and across coporate boundaries. Robert Scoble interviews IBM’s IP attorney – and he emphasizes this point. […]

  3. John Willis Says:


    1)Asking the IBM top intellectual property lawyer when is it too soon for a developer to get patent advice?

    You got to be kidding me. Did you expect any other answer?

    2)I know I am twisting it a little but it makes me chuckle to think of an IBM lawyer analogy of developers pre-disclosure of an invention is like a kid playing with scissors. I love it…

    3)I think it’s someone ironic that IBM would say that patents in IT are too easy. (See Does IBM Have a Toll Booth on the Internet?)

    However overall it was an excellent interview.

    John Willis

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    […] Free bonus: Robert Scoble (Podtech) video interview with David Kappos, IBM vice president and assistant general counsel about patents. When asked what he would do to the patent system “if he is a king for a day” he basically says he will … aaah, see the video yourself: […]

  5. Damien Mulley » Blog Archive » Fluffy Links - Wednesday August 15th 2007 Says:

    […] Scoble interviews IBM’s top IP lawyer. […]

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    […] 1. Dr. Eliott Soloway on how to improve education (he was one of Larry Page’s computer science professors and was very interesting to talk with about where education is falling apart and how to fix it). 2. Mark Canter on social networking. He does an interesting job of bringing us into the social networking space. Says a TON of stuff that SHOULD have gotten Wired to react, but instead they are more interested in making fun of me and piling onto the “hate Scoble” pile. 3. Scott Klemmer is an assistant professor at Stanford University and talks with me about all sorts of geeky stuff going on inside Stanford. Human interaction design, mobile development, and much more. Remember, this is the place that started Google. Wired should have been all over this. Why weren’t they? 4. IBM’s top intellectual property lawyer held an interesting conversation with me about all sorts of stuff including open source licenses, patent reform, and a whole raft of stuff that directly affects Wired’s readership. Why didn’t they link to this? 5. One of IBM’s most decorated employees had a chat with me and Larry Magid of CBS News. Talked about virtual worlds and a few other things. That sounds like the kind of thing Wired used to be interested in. But they didn’t link to that, either. Nor did they link to a separate interview where I interview the guy who runs IBM Ventures and is one of the key strategists at IBM. 6. At the iPhoneDevCamp I interview a top game designer about emotional design and why the iPhone feels so good. Wired kind of stuff, yet didn’t earn a link. 7. VMWare just went IPO, so you’d think Wired would have linked to this interesting discussion with VMWare’s top technologist. Nah, not Wired. How about this discussion of a new programming language designed to help kids learn to program? Future Wired customers, right? Nope. You won’t have seen that on Wired Online. 8. You’d think that all the SEOs and Danny Sullivan wannabees would have linked to this interview about search engine marketing. Nope. Wired didn’t either. 9. Or maybe Wired would have linked to this interview with New York Times bestseller Tim Ferriss, who tells you how to work less. Nah, no link for that one, either. […]

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