Marc Canter gets Social

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You might know Marc Canter as the founder of Macromedia but that’s his past. You probably don’t know what he’s thinking about now as head of Broadband Mechanics, which makes social networks. We talk about that and a whole lot more. Oh, and even more fun? Marc has been saying my videos are too long and boring over on his blog for a while now. I get even with him and we go for almost an hour. :-)

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  1. Elroy Jetson Says:

    Marc Canter does’t get enough credit. The man is a genius. He has great ideas, good direction, and he keeps driving on to reach his goal. The other players out there are simply looking for a quick buck turn around but Marc is changing how we use the internet and interact with people.

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    […] Marc Canter has an incredibly insightful interview on The Scoble show. I enjoyed this interview so much I thought it was worth sharing with all of you. […]

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    […] I had fun. […]

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    […] The Scoble Show had a very entertaining and interesting interview with Marc Canter, by the way. Who knew he had such a rich opera voice? […]

  6. thinman Says:

    A very similar activity-based computing thing is something that a VC took from some folks I was working with, I love Canter’s candor about visionary stuff waiting around for the market to become ready for it.

  7. dawn Says:

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    […] [..]We talk about that and a whole lot more. Oh, and even more fun? Marc has been saying my videos are too long and boring over on his blog for a while now.[..] source […]

  9. Steven Says:

    I feel sorry for him. He needs to use his brain and his body to lose that huge gut or he will not live to enjoy his “perfect” lifestyle.

  10. John Says:

    Really nice interview, had me hooked.

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    […] 1. Dr. Eliott Soloway on how to improve education (he was one of Larry Page’s computer science professors and was very interesting to talk with about where education is falling apart and how to fix it). 2. Mark Canter on social networking. He does an interesting job of bringing us into the social networking space. Says a TON of stuff that SHOULD have gotten Wired to react, but instead they are more interested in making fun of me and piling onto the “hate Scoble” pile. 3. Scott Klemmer is an assistant professor at Stanford University and talks with me about all sorts of geeky stuff going on inside Stanford. Human interaction design, mobile development, and much more. Remember, this is the place that started Google. Wired should have been all over this. Why weren’t they? 4. IBM’s top intellectual property lawyer held an interesting conversation with me about all sorts of stuff including open source licenses, patent reform, and a whole raft of stuff that directly affects Wired’s readership. Why didn’t they link to this? 5. One of IBM’s most decorated employees had a chat with me and Larry Magid of CBS News. Talked about virtual worlds and a few other things. That sounds like the kind of thing Wired used to be interested in. But they didn’t link to that, either. Nor did they link to a separate interview where I interview the guy who runs IBM Ventures and is one of the key strategists at IBM. 6. At the iPhoneDevCamp I interview a top game designer about emotional design and why the iPhone feels so good. Wired kind of stuff, yet didn’t earn a link. 7. VMWare just went IPO, so you’d think Wired would have linked to this interesting discussion with VMWare’s top technologist. Nah, not Wired. How about this discussion of a new programming language designed to help kids learn to program? Future Wired customers, right? Nope. You won’t have seen that on Wired Online. 8. You’d think that all the SEOs and Danny Sullivan wannabees would have linked to this interview about search engine marketing. Nope. Wired didn’t either. 9. Or maybe Wired would have linked to this interview with New York Times bestseller Tim Ferriss, who tells you how to work less. Nah, no link for that one, either. […]

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    […] Oh, and if you haven’t seen my hour-long interview with Marc, you get to see his personality up close and personal. […]

  14. Jack Says:


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    […] After having gone through this nightmarish scenario a couple of times now, I’ve recently been trying to figure out how to “do it right”. To combine the viral effect of information percolating on it’s own sake, versus asking Dave Winer for a link or begging Scoble for yet another video interview. […]

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