The guy who runs Stanford’s undergraduate computer science department

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Mehran Sahami is the associate chairman of undergraduate education. What does that mean? He runs probably the most important computer science undergraduate department in the world. This is the department that gave birth to Google, after all (and a bunch of other companies). This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me to sit down and learn about the latest in computer education trends and what’s happening inside Stanford University’s computer science department.

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  1. The Technology Free Press » Blog Archive » Scoble’s Interview With Stanford’s Mehran Sahami Says:

    […] I downloaded and watched Robert Scoble’s 45-minute-long discussion with Mehran Sahami, who ”runs Stanford University‚Äôs undergraduate computer science department.” I tried listening with my granddaughter hovering about. But no go. She demanded attention, so I gave it to her instead of the video. After she returned to the suburbs with her parents, I put on headphones and listened to and was enlightened by Scoble’s conversation with Sahami. […]

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    […] We have a 45-minute-long discussion about what’s going on at Stanford University, and also computer science education trends. Among other things happening in the industry. […]

  3. Ahmad Says:

    I’m pretty sure Stanford doesn’t even have the best CS department in the bay area, let alone the world.

    Look up Berkeley’s contributions to computer science.

  4. Steven Smith Says:

    Hey Ahmad,
    You really need to read a book or something because your ignorance is staggering. Try googling the major CS developments of the last 20 years (like “googling” and all it really entails for that matter:) ) And I’m writing this as a UC Berkeley CS alum!

  5. Ahmad Says:

    Google has a lot to do with stanford huh? I guess I’m ignorant because apparently how many companies a school produces is the real measurement of a school’s contributions to CS. Throw yahoo’s name in the mix too while you’re at it.

    Here are just some things developed *at* berkeley after “googling” and ending up at wikipedia:

    * Tcl, still one of the most popular interpreters to embed into C/C++ code.
    * Postgres, the best opensource DB. Don’t even try to bring mysql into the discussion.
    * GTK, probably the most popular toolkit for X apps
    * Gimp
    * Spice
    * raid
    * risc
    * BIND (which probably 100% of the servers connected to the internet use)
    * BSD…no need to explain this one.

    I highly doubt you are a Berkeley CS alum. If you *are* a berkeley CS alum, the CS must have stood for Cognitive Science.

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