A much better kind of voicemail: Callwave

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Callwave makes your cell phone more useful. Here, Josh Fraser, VP of Business Development, showes us Callwave. Some things it does that caught our attention? Forwards calls to any phone. Lets you listen to voice mail while it’s being left. Lets you get your voice mail in emails, so you can listen to them on your laptop. And more.

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7 Responses to “A much better kind of voicemail: Callwave”

  1. Callwave will change your phone system « Scobleizer Says:

    […] Callwave will change your phone system I love Callwave. Here you get to see what it does that makes your phone much more useful. […]

  2. lee Says:

    The callwave site goes into redirect hell for me; tested on two Mac browsers.

  3. Amit Says:

    Hey Robert, the link to callwave does not work.

  4. James B Says:

    I’m a Callwave user since 04 but I’m a bit confused by the video as it shows features and software interface that i’ve not seen.

    Ability to forward calls, screen calls and better yet, save the recorded call it’s has proven the perfect solution for me. I’ve started making use of the faxing feature by faxing myself any notes, paperwork, warranty info, etc I may have a customer site so I can then tag and save those PDF’s to our SharePoint Server for easy reference reducing the double data entry or lost paperwork.

  5. Jason Says:

    James, I use Callwave exclusively for my faxing now, and have never used the voice line features. I’m pretty sure this is a new and improved beta version of their current pay service.

    I have to wonder how this compares to Grand Central. Anyone?

  6. Anthony Papillion Says:

    I’ve been testing CallWave for the last two weeks and, I have to say, it’s one of the worst systems I’ve ever used:

    1: The voicemail greeting audio was “punchy”, and extremely loud and distorted.

    2: GiST just doesn’t work at all. I was never able to glean ANY useful information from the voice to text translation. Most times it translated words and phrases that were not even part of the original message.

    3: Most of the outbound text message I sent were never received by the intended people. I have no idea where they went.

    4: If you get a lot of voicemail or text messages, the web interface become impossible. There is no “check all” feature. You have to individually click every single message.

    5: If you’re like most people and get some meaningless, useless voicemail, there is ABSOLUTELY no way to delete those messages. You ONLY have the option to move the messages to your archive.

    Really, the ONLY positive thing I have to say about CallWave is that their desktop software works very well. I liked it but I find myself using the web interface more often than not and that is just horrible.

    All-in-all, I would say avoid CallWave until they make some major changes. There HAS to be something better out there!

  7. calja Says:


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