Highlights of Six Apart conversation

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My producer knows you don’t have time to sit through an hour-long conversation with the Six Apart executives, so he’s pulled out a few highlights.

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    […] you can’t handle the hour of all this social media goodness, well, Rocky went and did an Editor’swhich is only six minutes long. Yeah for editing! Someday I’ll tell you the short videos only increase my traffic 30%, but every percent counts,doesn’t it? Filed under: Corporate Blogging, Live Journal, Moveable Type, Six Apart, Social Media, TypePad, Vox, blogging @ 3:52 pm # […]

  2. jj Says:

    Very innovative guys, but why can’t we get a “more” button on typepad. You get to the end of the page and what do you get? Nothing!!! No “next page.” No “more content.” No –>.

  3. fp Says:

    Thanx for the edited highlights version. It made me want to watch the full length presentation, which - if you’re counting traffic - turns this into a double tap!

  4. angela penny Says:

    Wordpress needs to have the remember settings option. Find it amusing that the link “post to your wordpress blog” is right underneath the vid. Nice video. Do longer videos give you more traffic? Are you talking about both sites or just podtech?

  5. Clay Newton Says:

    MT Enterprise w/ LDAP support sounds awesome.

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