Demo of Mindtouch, “best open source wiki”

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Aaron Fulkerson, co-founder of Mindtouch, gives us a demo of what makes his wiki tool better than other wiki tools. Specifically its strengths are that it’s open source and that it has a great API.

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  1. Open Source Wiki, MindTouch, is on ScobleShow today « Scobleizer Says:

    […] Open Source Wiki, MindTouch, is on ScobleShow today Fun interview and demo are on ScobleShow today of MindTouch. Open Source wiki (they claim it’s the best) and a very complete API. […]

  2. Aaron Says:

    I should have mentioned during the demo we’re integrated with ThinkFree to open common office documents. Check out ThinkFree here:

  3. Ludovic Dubost Says:

    “best open source wiki”, “worlds best wiki”, “the most complete wiki”, “the most powerful wiki”, “fabulous collaboration tool”

    Needless to say the Mindtouch team does not lack arrogance, which we can see also in their claims on number of developers or number of downloads (maybe the direct link on the home page helps eating Internet bandwidth and get a good download number usable in press releases). Maybe the real title should be “the most arrogant wiki”.

    Application Wikis have been there since a few years already. TWiki, JotSpot and XWiki which I’m the founder of.

    If you want to see a wiki that has more than 3 years of experience in providing APIs for advanced development, check XWiki ( You will find a very complete scripting API (the full XWiki UI is itself built on the API), a XML-RPC, a Google Web Toolkit Api.

    You can see web important community sites based on XWiki for example at, or (in french), as well as collaboration products you can see demos of on

    You can check a Video of a Tech Talk at Google about XWiki:

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