Utterz brings voice video to microblogging service

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This is a cool service with a weird name: Utterz. At the CTIA show (mobile phone gadget show) I met Randy Corke, co-founder of the company making Utterz and we have a brief talk about it. It’s a microblogging tool that lets you call audio in from your cell phone.

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  1. Micromedia « Scobleizer Says:

    […] 1. Utterz. I tried to hate it at first. Do we really need something else to come along that looks like a blog but that lets you call your blog with your cell phone and leave some audio there? Do we need another Twitter competitor? Turns out we do, and I underestimated this service. Eric Rice slapped me over on Twitter several times for that. I redeemed myself by interviewing one of Utterz’ founders. I’ll call Utterz a “micromedia community service” for now until I have a chance to drink some great wine and come up with a better name. Five minutes long. 2. I get too focused on Silicon Valley’s tech hipness, but Edioma has a fun service that helps Spanish-speaking people learn English. Larry Upton, an executive there, tells me why that matters and gives me a demo. Five minutes. 3. I’m preparing to go to Paris in December with Milan and Maryam for the LeWeb3 Conference. So, anyone who shows me cool travel services will catch my attention. WorldMate is such a service and Eyran Blumberg, VP there, showed me how the service might help me out on my travels. Seven minutes long. […]

  2. Len Edgerly Says:

    I have to say, this is a great length, and I came to watch it because you included the word “short” in your comment about it on Jeremiah’s blog.

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