Bloglines makes reading feeds more fun

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Eric Engleman, general manager of Bloglines (a very popular RSS feed reader) shows me the hot new features in Bloglines and how they are working to make reading feeds more productive and more fun.

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  1. Bloglines shows me the latest in RSS feed readers « Scobleizer Says:

    […] Bloglines shows me the latest in RSS feed readers Eric Engleman, general manager of Bloglines shows me the latest in what Bloglines is doing for RSS Feed Readers. Geeks might not care, but this is a good video to pass to people who haven’t yet gotten on the RSS bandwagon. […]

  2. quirkyalone Says:

    To Bloglines: OK, just please do not fix what already works well.

  3. Steven Livingstone Says:

    Eric sounds pretty switched on. I know from people i talk to who are not particularly technical (i.e. the vast majority of users on the web!) that they’ve just started to understand the different between a web page and email !! People are becomming comfortable with search too.

    They really need to be guided when it is anything outside of those three, so anything that can be done to help them can only be good. I agree even the drag and drop interface is a nice addition. That’s how most users expect it to work - and personally, the edit folders from before was a pain.

    One thing - they should maybe add folder “templates” - perhaps based on wisdom of crowds and what others have called folders where they put feeds i subscribe to (and what other feeds may be in there…) as i’m still trying to figure out thte best names for my folders.

  4. Why Twitter and Facebook are important for your marketing and for your knowledge Says:

    […] Still yesterday, I received information from a friend at Twitter about new interesting updates at Bloglines. This again, shows me how easy it is to get interesting news if you use interesting tools and have interesting friends. […]

  5. Social Media Explorer : Blog World Expo Thursday: Learning, Laughter Says:

    […] He was joined by Eric Engleman, the general manager of Bloglines, who joined Marshall in sharing several sites and services that help optimize your use of RSS feeds, both as a reader and as a publisher. Included in this list of productivity-improving sites were,, Feed Digest, FeedYes,,, FeedDemon and more. The level of productivity the integrated use of some or all of these sites is mind-numbing. […]

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