NewsGator moves to the Enterprise

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NewsGator is one of the best news aggregators out there (a place to subscribe to RSS feeds). In this interview with Dave Keller, general manager, and Chris Echelmeier, enterprise sales rep, you’ll hear why NewsGator is making big moves into large corporations and how its synchronization system is helping both corporate employees as well as everyday people make better use of their news feeds.

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  1. Newsgator moves into the Enterprise « Scobleizer Says:

    […] 1. A demo of the new Enterprise-focused synchronization system. Five minutes. 2. A discussion of NewsGator’s moves into the Enterprise. 21 minutes. […]

  2. frogpond Says:

    BarCamp Berlin: Social Networks and Enterprise 2.0…

    At the BarCamp Berlin me and Frank Hamm had an extremely interesting (and well received) double session on Enterprise 2.0. As we asked the participants what bothers them most, the discussion circled a lot around issues of adoption, change management et…

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