Keeping students up to date with ClearTXT

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ClearTXT is an interesting service for universities and schools that keeps their students up to date. Changes to class? Teacher late? Emergency on campus? All sorts of stuff can be pushed out. Doug Kaufman, CEO of ClearTXT, talks to me about the changes in educational communications tools and demonstrates what ClearTXT’s system does.

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  1. cleartxt Says:

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  2. Universities communicate better with ClearTXT « Scobleizer Says:

    […] I’ve embedded a short “Editor’s Choice” video here. The longer, full interview is here. […]

  3. CorpClown Says:

    Scobel - The ClearTxt system appears to have failed at LSU. It could be that an alert was not initiated. On the other hand, it could be something much more problematic.

    Could it be that it was not scalable and couldn’t handle 8,000 threads?

    Emergency Alerting is serious business. I worry about how many of these platforms are really properly designed to handle real time, massive communications, and have proper logical and physical redundancy, QOS, etc..

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