Longjump into a new kind of business workflow

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Are you a small business? Want to find a new way to work? Longjump is the most interesting company I’ve seen recently in the “Work 2.0” space and they are hot off of a DemoGod award at the famous Demo conference. Here Pankaj Malviya, CEO, takes me through what LongJump does for businesses.

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  1. Are you Longjumping your workflow? « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger Says:

    […] Longjump recently won a DemoGod award so I wanted to see what caught Chris Shipley’s eye (she’s the one who organizes the excellent Demo Conference). Here Longjump’s CEO, Pankaj Malviya shows me Longjump, which is aimed at small businesses that want the workflow goodness of something like Microsoft’s Workflow Foundation, but that don’t want to pay the big expenses to buy Microsoft’s solution and don’t need a full-blown workflow system designed for huge enterprises. […]

  2. Scott C Says:

    Thanks Robert, I thoroughly enjoyed this one and will be checking it out further for the company I currently work for.

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