Photowalking above Silicon Valley

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This is a different kind of photowalking than we usually do. First, no Thomas Hawk. Second, we have a real, professional photographer (he even has the license plates to prove it). Third, we go for a nature walk up in the Long Ridge Open Space Preserve above Silicon Valley. The photographer is Marc Silber, who also teaches photography and has an
[tag]eBook on how to make better photographs. He gives us tons of tips in this one-hour walk.

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12 Responses to “Photowalking above Silicon Valley”

  1. Tim Says:

    Wow! It must have been a privilage to photowalk with such a wonderful personality. I really enjoyed this one.

  2. Brian Sullivan Says:

    Boy this guy is the anti-”Thomas Hawk”. He only took about half a dozen shots (I think Robert took more).

    Great though!

  3. Brian Sullivan Says:

    BTW I think the titling around 48:00 in misspells Marc’s name.

    (is that too anal?)

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    […] Photowalking with Thomas Hawk is grand, but today we have a real treat: a photowalk with a real professional photographer. Marc Silber. He even has the license plates to prove it! It’s long, but not boring. Just in case you don’t have the hour to spend Rocky made you a short and sweet editor’s choice for you. […]

  5. Rocky Barbanica Says:

    @Brian Sullivan - Nope, Marc is properly spelled. Thanks anyway.

  6. Brian Sullivan Says:


    It is not “Marc” that I was referring to it is “Silber” that was spelt as “Sibler” (”Sibler Studios”) in the title.

  7. Rocky Barbanica Says:

    @Brian - yep- changes being made… thanks for the heads up

  8. Puraz Says:

    Great photowalk. Lots of tips and tricks that were very informative.

    With tons of DSLR choices, I just need to decide which camera I should buy…

  9. Photo Gallery - Marc Silber Says:

    […] […]

  10. Marc Says:

    Robert, this was really fun thanks for inviting me. I’m passionate about Long Ridge Ranch and about photography so this was a great mix. Thanks Rocky for editing into a digestible 6 minutes! I’m happy to pass along any tips I’ve learned along the way, hope this and the ebook helps…Marc

  11. Marc Says:

    I put up some some of the shots I took while Robert was videoing

  12. Bryan Says:

    Marc and Robert,

    Wow. Best photowalk yet (A+). I really like when you have someone that explains the whole thought process and teaches you stuff. On other photowalks I’ve felt like I was just a backseat passenger with a limited view and really not much gained (photography wise).

    Maybe Marc will someday allow you to show his post-processing workflow of a few shots so we can see how,when,why he uses Lightroom, Bridge and PS.

    Thanks guys. This one is a keeper for later reference.

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