Collect and share favorite videos with WorldTV

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at is a unique way to collect and share your favorite videos. I interview Alx Klive, CEO, and he shows me and shares with me what they’ll be doing in the near future. I’m using the system to collect YouTube videos and build a feed of those for my family and friends to watch.

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  1. Collect your YouTube videos with WorldTV « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger Says:

    […] Collect your YouTube videos with WorldTV When Alx Klive, WorldTV’s CEO, visited me last week I thought his idea for building a video channel was a bit, um, unfinished. After playing with the technology I still think that of the public site it builds (here’s mine, which consists of the videos I just collected into my library) but I LOVE being able to collect videos from YouTube and other sites into a library. […]

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