Inventor of the Web talks about future of the Web

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Tim Berners-Lee, on Tuesday, visited HP Labs in Palo Alto where he talked with employees and the press about the trends he’s seen happen on the Web and where its future lies. He’s working with the Web Science Research Initiative and the University of Southampton in England on a variety of research initiatives, mostly focused around developing technologies for the semantic Web and social software. He talked at length about the coming shift of the Web away from pages to more granular information that can be displayed as pages, as graphs, or in other ways.

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  1. James D Kirk Says:

    I know this isn’t your fault Scoble, but Podtech’s pop up player really sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I like the feature since I (like most I expect) don’t stay long on a page doing nothing but watching. However, every single time I have used the pop out feature, the player has NEVER shown the correct video. This forces the user to have to go to the play list. And more often than not the playlist titling is way off leaving me to search even longer for the original video I was hoping to pop out on its own and view.

    Come on PodTech! Get it right!

  2. Where the Web is going . . . « Constructing Meaning Says:

    […] Where the Web is going . . . Worth the listen! The WWW’s innovator has a few words about where things are going . . . be sure to listen to Scoble’s follow-up interview afterwards . . . now my particular soap box, where do things go from an educational standpoint? The web after all is inherently the greatest tool for educational reconceptualization! […]

  3. Greg T Says:

    Hey James . . . tab browsing works wonderfully - even on an older XP driven machine . . . Mr. Scoble, when you get the chance to talk to these guys - ask how they see their ideas effecting education - the reinvention of education will be effected in a significant way by technology . . . thanks for providing this!

  4. Search and the Semantic Web | SE-Ogre Swamplog Says:

    […] Of course the database of intentions is tightly coupled to the fabled semantic web. The father of the internet, Tim Berners Lee recently did an interview at HP and spoke on his thoughts about the future of web science and the semantic web. One of the large problems Sir Lee addressed in the interview was how the wiki model is breaking down. He discusses how the open world editable concept behind wikis is slowly being deflated as they are forced to filter and limit control due to misuse and abuse and how the world needs to work together to eliminate this issue by making collective decisions that contribute to a successful meritocrasy. He also addressed the issue surrounding access and control of private systems such as MySpace. He believes that companies and sites that attempt to wall off their data and prevent open use and access will risk being abandoned in favor of open social networks that will allow people to access, share and control their own data. In the post interview Q&A Berners Lee touched on the white hot topic of centrally managed and openly accessible social networking data. As the web evolves it will be more about people interacting with people he explains. We need to move away from the document level focus and instead shine our light in the direction of people’s actions and the relationships between real things. […]

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