Smugmug brings us “Mugnormous” photos and videos

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Don MacAskill, co-founder and CEO of Smugmug, gives us a little tour of the Smugmug office and also demonstrates for my cameras its new photo and video sharing service which blows away other photo sharing sites on large monitors.

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  1. Why I said “mugnormous” the other day « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger Says:

    […] Here’s the video. Filed under: Photo, SmugMug @ 11:28 pm# […]

  2. SmugMug « Says:

    […] 7 12 2007 Following Scoble’s show about SmugMug, I’ve decided to give it a go. I want somewhere to store my photos online safely andreliably, allowing my friends and family easy access, and myself the ability to share my photos with the world. […]

  3. Smugmug, dogfooding « Vagrant Muse Says:

    […] Smugmug, dogfooding “Hire customers as employees”- found this gem of a quote on a podcast by Scoble about Smugmug. This was given as the best decision taken by Don MacAskill, CEO of Smugmug. […]

  4. Scott Says:

    My Flickr Pro account recently expired and after seeing this video I signed up on SmugMug. Thanks Robert!

  5. Ashbaugh Online » Store Digital Photos Says:

    […] I ran across their site today because tech journalist Robert Scoble did an interview of their company which seems like it would be a really cool place to work at where they give their employees a budget to decorate their cubicles and have dogs roaming around the office. […]

  6. Ich geb auf - StyleSpion Says:

    […] Auf SmugMug werde ich sicherlich demnächst nochmal näher eingehen. SmugMug ist nicht wie flickr, kostet Geld, und ist trotzdem (oder gerade deswegen?) der größte Anwärter auf den Thron wenn es um professionelles Foto- und Videosharing der nächsten Zeit geht. Das kann man wunderbar im Scoble Interview nachvollziehen. […]

  7. Steal my content, please! « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger Says:

    […] Me? I’m wondering why she doesn’t move them all to SmugMug and put a watermark on them? SmugMug’s CEO showed me that feature, along with a feature that lets photographers sell their work in my recent tour/interview/demo video. […]

  8. Business site wordpress » Blog Archive » Why I said “mugnormous” the other day Says:

    […] UPDATE: Here’s the video, which is a tour of SmugMug where we see a bunch of stuff. The demo of the new SmugMug starts at about 11:42. Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a Comment […]

  9. My Crunchies Votes « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger Says:

    […] 1. BEST TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION/ACHIEVEMENT: Twine. (Here’s a video I did with them). 2. BEST BOOTSTRAPPED START-UP. Techmeme. 3. BEST NEW GADGET/DEVICE. iPhone. 4. BEST BUSINESS MODEL. Glam Media. Personally, why wasn’t on this list? 5. BEST DESIGN. Smugmug. (Here’s a video I did with them). 6. BEST ENTERPRISE START-UP. 37 Signals. 7. BEST CONSUMER START-UP. Meebo. 8. BEST MOBILE START-UP. Twitter. (Here’s a video I did with them). 9. BEST INTERNATIONAL START-UP. Atlassian. (Here’s a video I did with them). 10. BEST USER-GENERATED CONTENT. Instructables. 11. BEST VIDEO SITE: Personally, if Seesmic, Kyte, or Qik were on this list I would have voted for one of those three. 12. BEST CLEAN TECH START-UP. Tesla Motors. 13. BEST USE OF VIRAL MARKETING. iLike. (Here’s a video I did with them). 14. BEST TIME SINK SITE. Kongregate. (Here’s a video I did with them). 15. MOST LIKELY TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. Kiva. 16. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. Wordpress. (Here’s a video I did with them). 17. BEST START-UP FOUNDER. Mark Zuckerberg. (I have a video with his sister, where she gives some interesting insights). 18. BEST START-UP CEO. Gina Bianchini. (Here’s a video I did with her). 19. BEST NEW START-UP OF 2007. Tumblr. I actually didn’t like any of these choices, but Tumblr is the one that caught my eye the most. 20. BEST OVERALL. Facebook. I actually like Twitter more, but I can just hear Christopher Coulter having fun with me if I chose it, so I took the bigger Facebook. […]

  10. scott Says:

    they - on business practice alone make me want to support them. thanks scoble - this is awesome.

  11. Sam Says:

    I’ve used Smugmug for a couple of years now and simply love it.

    They offer a free 14-day trial and you can save $5 off a new membership by using this coupon code: Tm1HMVMcu3q0k in the ‘Referred by’ field.

    Hey, it’s free, and you don’t even need to provide a credit card. Why not give it a try?

    I’ve tried trial versions of about a half-dozen photo sharing/storage sites and Smugmug is by far the best. There are numerous reasons why I love Smugmug which I’ve listed below. The age old saying is you get what you paid for. In the crowded field of online photo sharing services, Smugmug has been everything I’ve ever needed and then some.

    Things I love about Smugmug and why I chose it over other competing services:

    - They allow you to try the service free for 14 days. You can try EVERY feature they offer without any restrictions
    - Your photos are safe and secure. They keep 4 backup copies of each photo in 3 states so you’ll always have access to them
    - You can lock galleries with passwords to keep them private
    - Smugmug doesn’t send you SPAM and there are NO ADS on the site
    - You can share your photos with friends & family without them having to register with Smugmug
    - A+ customer service. It’s fast, friendly, and professional
    - Basic account offers UNLIMITED storage
    - Prints can be ordered right from Smugmug. No need to get them ordered with a different company
    - Comments, tags, keywords, and compatibility with blogs and forums - very convenient!
    - Video clips are allowed with a Power User account
    - Very helpful and friendly forum called “Digital Grin” who can answer just about any photo related question you can think of
    - The company is FAMILY OWNED and not run by some internet conglomerate like Yahoo or Kodak
    - Company has always been profitable so there’s no risk of them going out of business then you lose all your files

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